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A second version is out or get a status runners of all the morning Eric. get your my counter morning good morning where you both work Eric where is your company my company is a L. media nominee address what straighter well I can't. close the case and pallet your company next generation strategies our talk with checked out a few minutes ago about the courage of the Democratic Party your thoughts no I I heard the discussion I I think that the most salient point is clarity you know people want clarity and I think this sort of having one foot on the impeachment side and one on the non impeachment side isn't serving anyone's purpose so you know I've I've I've involve myself I've come down in the impeachment camp but then let's just go and do it. my point is been entirely and I stick with this you need to show the American public that you tried that you legitimately exercise your constitutional duty of oversight and you tried to do the right thing for the people you can just sit back you just wait to try to win in office you tried yeah I think there's a broader point to Steve which is you know that the one hand and said well we don't want to set a precedent that Everytime partisans come in there's going to be in peace what about the other precedent which says the president can get away with anything you don't do it and there's no accountability and no separation of powers can you call every Democrat dilemma well you know interestingly more more are moving into the camp I know it's not a leadership thing but you you do see more rank and file coming out very strongly for that is there anything you see on this that we don't see that I completely disagree on you with you guys on this I I yeah but you know I agree from a political standpoint now from what he could take it out of the winning election thing and think about the American public and what they'd like to see what I want to put it because of one thing is to checked had said that I completely disagree with us on Bob Muller and on that report in in what he said it was not his job to do like call me didn't step out of line step out of what you're supposed to be doing and make statements on the on the president he was there to make a prosecutorial decision if you read the report he did he did that the letter of the law to me I think impeachments bad for the country and is particularly bad if you know you're not going to get the votes in the Senate it's not politics well no that's reality and it I think it's common sense we're gonna go through an eight nine month process it'll be wall to wall nothing will get done foreign policy of national security be ignored and we're gonna have an impeachment ring to get no where listen I don't like the guy either that's what I like you. one is and I don't like his politics I don't like what he's done and I agree the abuses of of the office but we're not there yet and work with you to get there in thirteen months when election let's have an election okay you at let's hope we get there let's hope we can blend so we can get the next thirty muscular done right now you know it's bad for America a president who is out of control breaks the law every day in the life to the American people every day he's been doing that for three years I also I am weird and we're lucky to be here put sick I sort of take the longer view which is where do we go from here if we sort of turned away because and I understand that same sense not going to convict what what does that say to future generations is just okay I don't know I'm more worried about the twenty eight year old political staffer who's gonna be running campaigns in ten years the things these campaigns the right way to do things later. forgot he was calling it was please. later there is a a good morning Mister president. loading cat grin I was listening to the online stream WGN radio dead cat I agree with that frankly impeachments bad for the. yes. can we make this quick I get until that built the most women Chrissy to get on Twitter for about fifteen minutes so another week another celebrity spat this time Chrissy Teigen's the wife of John legend you Calder of filthy mouth woman in my can you say what she called you that's because it was totally offensive you know frankly greasy deaconess sellable gear and obnoxious she could manage joy Behar's tutor again she really. on the bright side of all this he'll be mapped wife is now the new name for my son Behrens new garage band he started with his friends I live with my tweets could be a source of inspiration vamp that really did such a great father Mister president a trickster poor you directed your staff to deal with the National Weather Service a tweet that contradicted you about Alabama and digest whether staffers here to change your forecast to support years excuse me excuse me yes. please don't make me take out my sharpie again you see in Alabama have you seen it these people that choose to eat at waffle house okay if you ask me that deserves a state of emergency in itself I mean I once mother paid nursing a baby raccoon in the bread aisle at the Walmart in Alabama us because that is part of that's the reason you were in a Walmart in Alabama now what about the weather Sir campaign staff. the weather service is all meteorologist do you watch the local news Catholic whether men I know don't easily run with the reporting plus I don't trust anyone that has that much better be energy before eight in the morning in a wrong about that so your five national security adviser John Bolton this week he says he resigned you say you're fired him you know I Google John both in the other day and I got an albino walrus mustache in this. while he says he resigned I fired up I've been through the national security advisers like I do wives around luckily for me John Bolton's mustache cited in DH book. good good sucks to be an athlete the stage is so huge it would walk into the White House situation room before he did. Wilford Brimley sees golden station goes damn. well not a lot of people seem to like him it out next time out to someone a lot less controversial maybe Dan Tonio brass bands get Robert Kraft on the phone we'll do Sir but remember today is massage day for Mister Kraft. but it just leave a message Hey we just heard the voice present Mike pence there'd summer saying that day it's kind of tense between you two your relationships different since the mid terms last year and your river to even consider running running mate for twenty twenty what's the story there that's the stupidest thing I ever dumping Mike for another ready made it twenty twenty that's crazy ed by crazy I mean nobody even told me I could do that. both nothing like now I'm totally most likely just kidding about that never once though I thought about dumping Mike nodded off he's a great guy I would never kiss to miss said it turned my back on it after all it's not like he's my daughter Tiffany you know is that right these you couldn't be any more correct you're great thanks Mike nobody gets a big mac extra value meal of the day code better than like nobody my lips are puckered and ready for you in a most. you've always been very generous to me and always ready to include me on official policies may in fact just to share a story with Mister Steve era the other day the president said the Thursday big recession that hit before the election he's going to find a way to give me all the credit for the guys to give them a giver Mike huge give that did not not giving temporary protected status the payments you came here I mean this includes little tiny children you said they're very bad gang members it could be a background very very bad drug dealers and others will be Goldberg culture comments races. we'll be Goldberg what is this nineteen ninety four we still listing there I get a CD with eighty hours of free AOL service that's more relevant useful that will be believe me. want to get today gonna mark Sanford former governor of South Carolina let down for South America with his mistress in two thousand nine told everybody is hiking the Appalachian Trail now running primary challenge against you what your comment there frankly I would never do what he did have an affair no I I hate I hate what white like when you can write a golf K. makes no sense by the way how can you do the dirty flamingo dance with that brought to my agent and I don't understand I mean pulling closer whatever mark Sanford isn't qualified to be president he didn't even have the common sense to update you could pennies with the bush money such an amateur well finally Sir the next democratic presidential debates tonight on ABC and Joe Biden is in no way slowing down of the frequency of well the stakes he called you president hump at a fundraiser this week and then junk saying was a Freudian slip which I thought I'm not you know I will tell you I actually watched it and slow down the video I could actually see a row of hair plugs fall out and go right into his mass like you swallowed a caterpillar you know what I have no problem with that remark made by Joe light in it two can play at that game gel but it said the bush sleepy just a clinging to the small leader the democratic piles of you see there although it's nice to see him clinging to something besides women's killed a salon and now we're gonna leave it here but I I could put you on hold if you want to talk to Pat Brady of fear. get get me beds Twitter handle a follow up okay that sounds good thanks for calling president drop lady lose their. president trump really good values. graduations and your new friend. I see very energetic today yes very awake yeah amazing at the eight twenty in the morning tenses in the private quarters must be on their second diet coke dad regular folks are not diet please he's not about dropping pants I hope. and you heard it right there we don't make stuff up Nikki Haley. yeah yeah sure I'm sure she wants to make sure she wants a part of this dream train as it's going along fired by Twitter I don't think she. so we are nominee and twenty four please like done juniors not teed up in a vodka and after that parent if you remember show yes it's seven twenty three the truck dynasty rolls on and we're back with the the envy PP at a moment's Dave St Wisconsin forty said operation that manufactured thousands of illegal vaping cartridges may have been packing them with far more than T. H. C. oil than the package claimed we'll have an update on this so I'm done feeling and this bust yesterday in Wisconsin coming up at seven thirty from the WGN newsroom and a slow right and lake shore drive.

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