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Bets. Yeah, I hear you weren't sure. All right, then finally, two more straight up bets. Bengals minus three chargers? Yes. Fun bangles. We're in. They already had their jets moment. Again, 60% kind of in on the Bengals 40%. I don't think the Chargers, I'm sorry, I don't feel like you're that good, especially 10 a.m. Sunday West Coast east coast. Did you see the charges lined in all dancing with Nixon? That's what I'm envisioning. Chiefs dolphins, we could parlay these as a money line together to minus one 16. Do we go step off and play in the Giants? We could go, dolphins minus four and a half straight up and hope they beat Mike. Is it definitely Mike glennon? No, Jones is practicing. We don't know yet. That's why these Thursdays are tough. We're going to put 200 on chief staff and both teams have to win minus one 16. And then finally, they ended up parlay of the week, which we get to boost for ourselves because fando is going to boost it as well. Washington plus one 20 against the Raiders Seahawks plus one 44 against niners. We're boosting that to plus 5 50. Washington, and Seattle. Both have to win. Peter schrager, I have a question for you. Are feelings going to be heard on Monday night or not? After all, these bets come in. This is now a Thursday Sunday Monday roller coaster ride for us. Who are you worried about? Our Sundays are grueling, you and me, because we text all day, and it's not gone well, but at least by Monday, we wake up with a fresh perspective to have to suffer through Thursday, Sunday, and I can't even imagine it. Yes, I feel like Tony Soprano in the chasing it episode, but I also feel like this could end up okay. And this could be our week and Bill, we could be out of this whole and suddenly we're riding high. I like it. I don't think it's teaser week. It's teaser parlay we care about next week 13. Peter schrager, we can see on a good morning football and.

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