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Hundred dollars oh my gosh hundred dollars multiple been fifty thousand at that time but that is my absolute that to me is the ultimate example of a pontiac i would have to go with of course the seventy seven smokey and the bandit pontiac transam i i agree with you as far as as image what was mind immediately would be that car i i i worked for pontiac in little rock during those years and i was amazing how many of those cars were sold the list looking gutless car ever built they would not they were not fast no they look extremely fast they're not that's much slicks emissions now he had four hundred cubic inches and i think it was right at two hundred seventy just over two hundred yes talk it would pull itself around but man it looked cool now i want to say where the t tops factory or were those all done aftermarket at first they were aftermarket they were hearst corporation built them and i worked in the body shop i was the body shop manager in years and people would buy a new car and they bring them back to us and we would install these and just awful to fit and finish they leaked yeah then and i think it was seventy nine general motors started putting their own tee tops in and they fit nice and i think they were wider than the aftermarket they were they were quite a bit wider because i had a a company car would would have the tee tops and i was amazed at how well the fit and finish was but then the tee tops became kind of came normal after you know smokey and the bandit is really a two hour commercial for pontiac oh it is because the police car is a seventy seven pontiac lemond symbolic i think a lot of people probably have never even seen one of those in person but there are pontiacs all through that movie and i don't know how many the actually destroyed but they destroyed a bunch but it was it probably helped the pontiac brand more than any history no question that and my other favorite knight rider david hasselhoff the eighty two yep kit ken oh of course it was kit and interesting thing about those pontiacs as i understand.

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