Georgy Sherry, Dragan Expresso, New York discussed on Bodega Boys - Ep 77: Gawd Episode


Anyway so i've been there was a name georgy sherry from sherry from your id p r of the share and i'm dragan expresso because the lady was a hey jesus knows how she knows what i am i can't do no push it now i have to lead the while tip so i got an expresso and two walks in saint low he just sit sounds we're just chatted up like we are old friends that i'll say this is cool we're talking about kids it was a lovely he was of the fo very hollywood and lady next and we kept staring at me try to figure out who the guy i was talking to me i was like ma'am my name is oto cinco okay budget which is we believe it will have to see my kids and we're gonna give you food he was a he was visiting former hewson he's a new york right out of asia minor ultra single in the house just go yogurt fucking shit today alan none of them you're going to have it had plus the recommend gears you people always i welcome the neoliberal ross which i go to the islanders for the experience and i'm saying that's a true bronx it is the bronx rivera like everyone who goes there to celebrate life and when they won payday when a direct deposits tommy's peter in history mark arum saying if you want the best pizza the best pizza in new york fucking city i swear my momma source manana sauce gordy eastwood take the to train all the way up to near eat avenue you get off go to the left all right you will pass a halfway house to pay no mind might be some fiend whatever cigarette hand in hand just keep the idea of year budget of eur why garage door take a walk anyway the name of the spot don't want to pick it up.

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