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Who's the other receiver on the Texans behind the Andre Hopkins and people go up, who's the tight end the so there he is having years, where we go, man. This guy's pretty special and the support system. Not great as he perfect yet. No, but he's a special special talent. And I do I I look at him as one of the best quarterbacks in the game. Is there a chance? Aaron Rodgers ends his career is overrated. Yeah. There, certainly there. There's a chance that way. Yeah. With one Super Bowl. Yeah. Yeah. I mean that's that'll be I don't want to say it's going to be overrated. It's gonna be disappointing. But everybody's said he could be the greatest quarterback of all time. Right. I don't think he's the greatest quarterback of all time. I mean, hey the quickest to get the forty thousand yards is the greatest interception to touchdown touchdown to interception ratio in the history of the sport. And it's not even close with who second, and we view them as a gunslinger, and, you know, again, you know, weapons there, they haven't been weapons galore up there. No better. He had better weapons than Brady had a lot of times. I mean the greatest tight end of all times played with Aaron Rodgers has the greatest receiver. Arguably of all time played with Aaron Rodgers the greatest slot receiver. We didn't eat he made Julian Edelman. Okay. Let's not kid anybody. A really good there. And he was cast off from the dolphins. He's gonna cast off on the dolphins there. So they got west could. Because there's no teams in football. Nope. To end this again. I don't want to sound like I'm hating on Tom Brady 'cause Tom Brady is freaking awesome. I'm just trying to explain people. There's more to the game than just going wins losses stats the quarterbacks the reason that's it. If that was the reason the Nick foles would never never beat it. Yeah. Tom brady. And a super house still sends beat John Elway. But be Wes Welker. Okay. Yeah. He went down to Miami and they typecast them. Oh, a white guy. We can't start him at receiver. And we don't even know how to use it receiver like this, because it was time in the era, where again, New England is a head of the curve, where they go. Hey, we can get these small little slot receivers and do all these cool things with them in the middle of the field. And we're one of the few offenses in football that know how to utilize it. So that's why they got Wes Welker. I mean Ataman hey, diem branches, the number one receiver on another Super Bowl team after he left New England. So. Again, that's not a knock on Tom Brady. All the great quarterbacks have had good, talent around them for the most part. I just hate. When people say that about New England all the time I find that disrespectful of the rest of the players up there. Okay. You got one game to win. Yeah. Respective teams. Okay would their teams. Well, that's a different scenario. But that's why Brady if you're gonna give me in the New England and then just say you can have any quarterback I'm going to still go with Aaron Rodgers. If you're gonna give me the team, and then give me any quarterback with it. I'm gonna go. Okay. I'll take the New England team with Aaron Rodgers. No, no Brady's team. And Aaron Rodgers team right? Okay. England's better. I mean hey, I mean Aaron Rodgers let's get the place. He has to make late in the fourth quarter..

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