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That? Okay. I I don't know except for for the last. I was watching it and our offense. I could I could make some of the words out. I could make out the word our word. Yeah. Which we don't say on the air. I can make out Don jR, and I can make out that he is the poster boy for a blue poster boy Zinke said poster boy for abortion. I think that's what he said. I'm almost positive. I. I was listening so hard guys hard. Don't think it was English English. That was a Big Joe. All the calls. If we don't understand that we're going to be accused of being racist. I guess I can't understand it. I can't just start like somewhere in the middle of that. Let's see if we can understand any words at all. You. Okay. Stupid. For him. Make. So that's I prove that mother will hit him. Should've aboard. Okay. And that's who he is who he's boom. Our from king of the hill. I don't. The hill you continue and then I'll play. Anyways. This guy is a disgrace absolute disgrace. I'm I I just cannot understand how he debates anyone. How he here's. Here's the thing. I don't think he's had to do that. You think he's? He skated for a really long time. Because he's he's in Birmingham. He's probably been set people. Probably see the name. They probably are like. Oh, yeah. This guy. I mean, John Rogers. Yeah. I'm just gonna head and dispense. He's good. We're all good. Everything's great. When I looked to see in the last election. He had no competition running again, it's probably just like shoo-in for him to win. You know? It's probably one of those districts where people are just like. Oh, yeah. He's great. We have them. He's fine. And nobody cares. And so he's one probably nineteen eighty two and nobody cares. I hope this helps them care because what if it's if it's purely democrat, or it's mostly democrat in that that I guess that area of Birmingham. No one's really going to care, and the obviously don't care about the fact that he is okay with with killing babies. Yeah. Rob tell me these are not the same guy. Here's here's the state rep, John Rogers. Pru right about it. Going to. All right. That's John Rogers, boom. King of the hill. Bottom and I'll what's going to get moving. Again. I think I'll go jogging swimming water bunk mandate going to be bad. Thank you. You're saying southern thing. But it's almost like the second clip was just somebody speaking fast and with an accent, John Rogers is not creating words like those are not whatever was coming out of his mouth were not actual words. There's no way it's really bad you guys. And what he's saying is even worse. Well, I'm glad that someone was able to make that out because people should know how awful he is. Yeah. He he's he's pretty bad. This is the democrat plan. This is it you guys like attention and somebody needs to alert alyssum Alana immediately. Moving on her. We are we should we talk about this mayo Chela Haley fan. Do that. Okay. Strike so ridiculous. So Taylor swift has been accused of culturally appropriating beyond say, and I mean, this kind of stuff happens with musicians quite a bit. I mean, Bruno Mars has been accused of cultural appropriation. Everybody's been accused of it. It's just Justin Timberlake has been accused successful people are always accused of culturally, appropriate, whatever it is that they're doing. So now Taylor swift is getting that wrath, and it's because at the twenty nineteen billboard music awards this past Wednesday. Her performance included a marching marching band. And apparently that also was done by beyond say at Coachella. So now people who are mad at Taylor swift are saying this is mayo Chela what may may what may or may? I don't know. I don't know why. Chela Chela this this entire controversy that Taylor swift has culturally appropriate because she had the audacity to also use a marching band, which is clearly something only beyond say has allowed to do. She's the Queen. I guess okay. I think this is insane. So I didn't realize that beyond say had some sort over sim sort of a hold on marching band us. And I and if I mean, I watched just a little tiny portion of her performance of Taylor Taylor's, and I don't like having to defend her 'cause I've not been. You know what? I mean. I'm just not I don't really like either one of them. Yeah. That music is not my thing. But I feel like hers all it's really poppy and Pestelli, and it's just not at all like fee and pass stellian's very different. It's it's very different. So I don't know where the correlations being drawn other than a band. That's it. I mean, that's that. That is their complaint is that they're saying it's the timing of it. They're saying yes, artists have incorporated marching bands. And drum lines and performance before timing is everything that's the case then beyond say stole it from Fleetwood MAC when they did tusk. You know? Before appropriating them, by the way in case, you need a definition of cultural appropriation. I found a little gift that I actually posted on Twitter this morning. It says appropriation occurs. When the appropriate tore is not aware of the deep significance of the culture that they are partaking in which is interesting because the Cinco de Maya of courses coming on Sunday. And so I tweeted that gift, and I was like I'm gonna have some Mexican food on Sunday. I'm not gonna learn about the deep significance of Mexican food in the Mexican culture, and I have zero Fs to give about that. Yeah. Merican 'cause I just like taco I'm gonna eat all the taco eat so many taco. No one's learning about like talion cultural significance every time they eat pasta. And I'm I'm probably going to have a Margarita. And I'll roll my RS for you. You don't have to do that. Because you can't do it. I would though if I could. Yeah. And you couldn't stop me. It's true. You guys eat all the tacos stay with us. Right. For him this mother's day. Let her know.

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