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By Wayne State University Michigan roads headed to a fix I am not here to play games that's why it's time for plan B. governor Gretchen Witmer announcing in our state of the state address the state will borrow three point five billion dollars to rebuild the roadways and bridges over five years the Republican led legislature had rejected her proposal proposed fuel tax hike last year I will ask the state transportation commission to issue state road bonds so we can start fixing the roads now rebuilding Michigan plan is finance without an increase at the gas pump and it will do three things save time save money and save lives the state road bonds she says one able the state department of transportation to do about twice as much construction on our U. S. and M. numbered roads routes as it is now the funds would not be used to repair local roadways one of the president's lawyers basically saying that anything goes in a reelection effort correspondent Jerry both later has more from Washington one of the president's lawyers basically said that anything goes in a reelection effort during yesterday's lengthy question and answer session Alan Dershowitz said if the president does something that he believes is in the national interest and will help him get reelected it cannot be considered a quid pro quo that results in impeachment Democrats scoffed at that claim one calling it beyond absurd president trump signing the U. S. Mexico Canada trade agreement at an outdoor ceremony at the White House yesterday the president says help for the American auto worker will be strength and the U. S. M. C. H. closes these terrible little balls and include strong provisions to ensure that new cars are fashioned by American hands that's a fancy word of saying built and manufactured with the American labor.

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