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The regular Friday features are coming up that after three o'clock straight outta context Nick D. show spies you big dummy non Foljambe Friday we're keeping an eye on the weather because we've got some major storms that are passing through the area and it's probably gonna be with us for most of the morning here leading into I think it's probably think they're saying it's gonna be done by by the morning commute but it's gonna be heavy and and loud out there is what I'm hearing so let me give you some watches and warnings and what where where they are flash flood warning for cook dekalb do pager Kane Kendall lake McHenry will that's a flash flood warning flash flood watch the Kalba page Grundy Kane Kankakee Kendall lasalle Lee ogle lake Porter that's flash flood watch for severe thunderstorm watch cook dekalb the page Grundy Kane Kankakee Kendall lake lasalle Lee and will and severe thunderstorm warning to page Kane Kendall and well that's again a severe thunderstorm warning so we're keeping an eye on everything whenever we get more updates from the National Weather Service about declaring what is going to be a watcher warning in the areas are we'll let you know but it's it's it's it's a big system it's a big system I was looking at the radar and it's going to be with us throughout the morning so when the flash flooding is is gonna be an issue so there you go all right three one two nine eight one seven two hundred is the phone number if you would like to join us really quickly here's Dave hi Dave thanks for having me on I just wanna say that they're going to have to open up the lake front.

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