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Increase in february a speed up the recession. We're default our country nine. So why so much emphasis. Is that solution showers invite. There's a reason for it so mech my people for every problem. There's a solution but not be panicky or creates in panic. Lang will be the solution to the problems. We d around us. God modern canova's. I do my one scott with today. So don't go down the only money we'll sandwich doesn't if you do. I just could lead to my own. I just you you see. Thank you very much for this question. And the mata windy grand festival you. Why because fant hype on sitcom remember see you see gradually deal with the revealed remember during and saas protests hijacked. You get at our reach. They say pilotes are kept country because of second wave. Eventually there is the need for a second and sakon with kim and janoris. Whatever i know. Don't they call. The governor's mount testing positive. And all of this stuff. Now put everything together. No forget when for a do state here did discovered the vaccine for lassa fever. Utah's like who but bomber sickness gone. It can kill our own discovery right. Now if they pressure on cycle with those com- how would the citizens feel necessary to make country budget money to buy device in when they don't make so we returned back to social conditioning solely adhikari com. Sorry my now if you will you check round soldevilla numbers rising rise so delete. We don't begin after when all the campaigns we're green nine hundred area only nine hundred ivan. America in america are the countries that were having alexa gonna like these that or no we begin. Oh but as soon as they are done with the appropriate now with in that way because now these things go make dot echo bent on the coming in to make sure money will be budgeted to do petro niche. Okay sickness when you don't for community now go budget money for you want go bury it already go but if you talk. Td how you fit release whitten. Go make the pessimistic do patronage. Now you see where we talk about. Say people know. Psychologically the condition also believe they see. We're now this life just goofy go beyond this level and the moment you don't allow that team stink into the head. It don't stay now. Despite people talks we feed ticket off our teams by wassef beds for ourselves. We know goofy believe because they don't conditioners to say now than angle go now if you were contested for your local government now you need gas reservoir unique determination our support to feed lead the own people. We've actually you. We're going to do you. And you know some of these things debut always go into the issue of signing ammo you on or were non pimple. We not the content on ammos this condition. Yes so if i assign them. Will you say if i get this seat by lettera traits that women you get you in us my relation and at the end i win look at where for the local gomez de agreement gradually mia you when we agree naga walk to take make sure you disappointed. Now see despite the windy matab. Yes coronavirus it. Don't come bet not be analyze language when you check out the jingo consignment covid nineteen not be dead sentence. These do these duties and at the end. You steve free increase your immune system and whatever. Why am i was boosting the immune system but now somebody go good. You know you know. Go fee goodyear. Why because you know say you already. If traits might use the language you'd already corrupt the things when the boost immune system for the country. That is the reason why. Make me on during a greek project. We need to talk. Be connection between killen. Immune system and gm wpro dots. So that you can cost subject yourself to distance and the moment we don't you i put this is for my body chopped. Wink read problem for me. My body don't go and they won't sickness on com econ attack me. I go nitto now day. Obedient to whatever the passive when when get the solution to the metadata went to my sickness. The good good good monitor diesel. So which means stance money be rolling in. So now business i mean might business oriented projects. There are different ways to treat head one of them so somebody tell you head. Suspensive is true because they feel if you dig. Won't do if i not in do business when i say the best thing is much as you give me. I go to right now. Countries when vulnerable during covid nineteen vulnerability at an ngo conscious went vulnerable. Nitto now become begin to answer to the call of mixture so you really do registration for voicing so the second with go actually go along. We won because he could benefited people to people..

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