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Welcome back to science. This extreme flight show. Jim clash from Forbes magazine, adventure Janisch always spoken with a now that man we promised you before Jim JIMBO Gymboree Di race director at red bull racing. But I go to add a few things to this engineer. And I think this is possibly my favorite nine company. The spy ship company gay and former engineer at virgin galactic of which Jim has a connection to because gym class. You have a ticket virgin, galactic. Yes, I'm passionate. You're number six ten. I bought my ticket in two thousand ten and they keep telling me every year, I'm about to fly next year. But so far nothing is he not shitty sell it cash in no way, man. I hang onto it. I'd ride every right? I got I got mine for two hundred thousand now they're up to two hundred and fifty thousand I think. Investment return you go. So all right. Jim reed. It's too many gyms. Please explain the difference between the master class series and the challenges series in terms of the aircraft and what they're able to deliver. Well, first off, I guess challengers masters around the same engine, propeller and exhaust is to keep them all fairly similar performance. We d- rate the challenges down at twenty seven hundred fifty rpm from twenty nine fifty to manage this be of it better. But a challenger airplanes or stock as far as the cowing, canopy and wingtip. So we'll answer things usually see masters modifying are all stock on the challenger airplanes. But otherwise, they're all except for me Abruzzo. They're all at five forty as either v twos. Threes all the challenges would be twos. When you're designing. A course are you looking to stress or showcase.

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