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Though celtics go patriots. Go Fuck yourselves aggregrate weekend. I'll talk to you. Uh Hey what's going on. Its Bill Byrne. It's it's the Monday morning podcast for Monday. November twenty eighth twenty eleven. How the Hell Wa Let's let's get right into this shit this week. There's been some confusion by about nine listeners. Who for some reason can't find my podcast since I got a new website If you go onto I tunes owns you'll see the old feet and now there's also a new feed and in the new feet we have all the fucking you know what I just realized. I'm explaining explaining this to people who can't find the web not the website who can't find the fuck and podcasts. So then what. I'm really just telling it to people who are we're already here and get it because if you're listening to this you found it so I feel like that fucking Preecha. WHO's trashing everybody? The insurance who showed up everybody this week. I don't know but I'm here. You can't go ahead get on with it. Get on with wanted. What what? What else did he do? And then he walked on water while juggling three bushes and and they were all on fi he will aerob- Annetta bid and at a bunch of France Ed's where this shit it the fan day all turned their backs. Poor fucking Hippie. Why did they do that now? They took him down the Home Depot. Am I really going to continue with this. And they got some fucking lumber no all right. Let's.

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