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Two in Glen ellyn downtown along the lakefront thirty seven degrees. I Don clapping in the WGN radio newsroom. And these are the stories that matter on seven twenty WGN. Welcome back. Everybody wildcard Wednesday. Dan Welker Wednesday is slowly Morphing into TV theme show Wednesday. Yes. Very much. So. Glenn requesting the Jimmy Stewart show theme song for wildcard Wednesday at well. Hurt. And that is any artist any song. Anything you pick the bumps. We play him three one two nine eight one seven two hundred three one two nine eight hundred seven two hundred by the way, I in a few months, I'm showing a couple of Jimmy Stewart movies back to back in a few months for my film club. Keep an eye out for that in March. We're gonna show Mr Smith goes to Washington, and in April, we're going to show the man who knew too much, they Alfred Hitchcock movie. So we've got our lineup all the way through may picked out. So couple of Jimmy Stewart movies coming up in a few months. So keep your eye out. And like like my film club on Facebook. So there you go, by the way my phone club. I'm having an extra screening I'm hosting a screening this weekend of the new Robertson meccas moving. We're going to talk with Robertson meccas later on the show. He'll be a we'll play back. The interview at four o'clock. His new movie is called welcome to Marlin. And it stars. Steve Carell is based on a true story. And it's a it's an incredible movie an incredible movie, and I'm home. Hosting a screening of it at the eight AMC Rosemont eighteen formerly move ago. The seven ten showing so go to AMC theaters dot com. Get your tickets, I'm going to introduce the movie, and then we'll talk about it afterwards. We'll talk about some meccas his career and all that cool stuff. The latest from Robert Zemeckis as part of we we're extending Zemeckis fest as much as we can't. I guess this this year we showed five five months in a row, we showed meccas movie we did use cars, we did back to the future. Forrest gump. I wanna hold your hand and back to the future part three. And now we figured since he's got this new movie out Mike Kerr's who helps me program. The the Nick Gilio film club at the AMC Rosemont eighteen said, hey, why don't we why don't you host a screening of Marlin, and I've already seen the movie in its magnificent. And I'm very excited to share it with my film club, and you guys. So so come on out parking is free..

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