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Two wta the done pain he walked once again to investors edge thanks for being with us today quite interesting times we live in just so you know the country's great the people a great and that's what matters most are police officers of magnificent our military is gargantuan blast our firefighters love them our teachers the fantastic i just wish there was some incentive there and the hard working people this country are better than ever by the way i know they don't tell you this but we lead in technology we lead in medicine we lead in healthcare even though obama lie to you and told you we need a whole healthcare whatever 'cause it's thinks that this that the other thing and he stole the ability crap just go get the view to video of jonathan gruber admitting that obama the administration lied to you to get obamacare out the with the hardest working country we have bravest soldiers not to put down the soldiers of other countries but magnificent i've met so many of them at the greatness of this country is ahead of us don't believe the idiots that tell you we're all racist country that's a lie there are some racists out there but they are not only the buying already but the biti minority lead just like playing it up to doak you're we were should be black unemployment historic low hispanic unemployment historic low opportunity highest ever now if we ever can get our government to efficiently effectively spend our money limit let me put back if i took over this country there would be no homeless do you realize that to get every homeless person off the street and housed and trains and said they got the money but the lobbies get them to.

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