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I've been seeing between him and walter. I i've been eating. That showed up in walter one of my all time. Favorites that walter. I think can be a significant force to reckon with if the triggers repeal for him to start doing his thing on the main flagship shows as opposed to just being delegated there and annexed t uk division in all cameron. Grimes picking up the much needed momentum. He needs going into takeover as remember huge implications for the match up l. A. night cameron. Grimes wins. I would would like to believe he wins his freedom right cameron grimes he. He wins his freedom however if he loses l. a. night upgrades to teddy be aussie for his butler. Yes yeah dexter loomis. Indie hartwell tying the not there as indie hartwell. By the way i really love the fact that indie heart will is now kinda mimicking the mannerisms and all that of dexter loom. I think that's fucking bad as it. Almost kinda gibbs me a it almost kinda gives me a oh man kind of has a su young vibe to it and if you've been watching impact wrestling you know exactly what i'm talking about. When soo young gets her way with individuals and she just has this way of working her trans magic on people and can essentially get them to do her bidding. And all that i. I kinda like what's going on there. You know not quite on that alexa bliss level because that alexa bliss stuff can be a little bit hokey pokey. But i like the fact that you know jesse jesse command. They had learned a hard way. You don't fuck with crazy people fucking crazy people No they're they're they're really dexter loomis index. They're really growing on me. I think they're a very good promising television Television coffee break there. Kind of one of those. Let's see what they're going to do next week. Wait a minute. I got stop what i'm doing here. I gotta see that eventually. Become one of my favorite highlights wasn't really down with the whole with the gorgon and all that but now things are starting to make a lot more sense with the whole gargano sales because and congrats to them. Because i haven't had an opportunity to give congrats by the gargano are expecting and I believe what february march of next year is when candice laura is supposed to give birth. So congrats yet. i know. sometimes. I've kinda busta gargano balls and all that but man you welcoming in a beautiful bundle of joy into this world. I can't hate that. I can't hate that and honestly if you gotta have to cool sets of parents man doesn't get any better than the gargano. That's the one thing that i've always admired about the gargano over the years is how passionate they are about all gains pop culture. I mean when it comes to movies video games high-tech stuff and all that those guys are on top of their shit. They are on top of their shed. If you wanted to give some ideas on what to do with your man cave and all that shit followed him on social media they they stay having some really cool as shit. So congrats to the garganas. Lots of cool last positive things happening and wrestling it. you know..

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