Syrian Government, Assault, China discussed on Global News Podcast


This is the global news podcast from the bbc world service i'm clever total and in the early hours of monday the twelve th of march these are all main stories there's been no less up in the syrian government's assault on the eastern kuta police have detained being left to rot under the rubble as the army tightened his grip on the and clave authorities in person won't people of possible contamination from a chemical incident a week after a former russian spy and his daughter were taken ill washed clothing you haven't already ideally in the washing machine let me repeat that the risk to us the general public remains low and i am confident that none of these customers staff will have suffered also in this podcast china has removed presidential term limits from its constitution allowing the currently that xi jinping to remain in power indefinitely and colombians have been voting in legislative elections seen as a test of a peace deal between the government and farc rebels the syrian army says it's advanced deeper into eastern gusa as as strikes continue against towns in the rebelheld enclave the military says is forces have now completely surrounded the main town of duma whilst also completing its moved to splits the region in half the opposition ron local council into ima the largest town in the enclave says schultz's of full and people are now sleeping on the streets ingi said keith from the international red cross said the situation is dire i'm afraid it's very desperate for the people love we know with uh that in this intensity in the fighting and many people have been fleeing even during the past few weeks from different parts of doormat to another at the situations really really desperate we managed to bring some aid almost a week ago two dumas and we could see the the frustration of the people people even they don't care anymore ever.

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