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It's one thing to say Gosh, von Miller and Bradley Chub are a handful and they are or his previous team when he talked about having Khalil Mack or with the Niners when he was there early and Aldon Smith's career and the rest of those guys Justin Smith up front to, among others, That's great. But when your personal isn't that Bradley Chub is showing that he's coming alone. He's coming. Absolutely. I think the last have any games this Ah profootballfocus that that he's legally and pressures along with Aaron. Donald. Andi can't maybe TJ water someone else like that? It was with one less game. With one last game. So that's Bradley job doing what he does. But on the other side, it's kind of a revolving door. You saw some good place from Milly Greed you'd love to see attached you squad get healthy, but Regardless And if you do have on and shut, that's a different conversation. But you don't right now. So why not keep the offense guessing? Even if they beat you every now and then? Because the bullet is going to get picked up the quarterback's going to either get lucky or see it and make the right read, write hot row and you're going to get burned. But look, I played a lot of Madden in my day, and I'm always trying to blitz And if you beat me, I just shake your hand. So I'm I'm never going to back off the idea. That if we need a blitz more toe, keep the offense off off. Guard Go for it. So, yeah, and I like and I think it adds a wrinkle in and kind of changes their identity, which is fine, And I think it's good for Vic Fangio because you want to see That he can change and not just be. Ah. You know, the guys were doing it this way, And that's how I've done it These last, however many years and that's how we're gonna keep going. OK, let's talk about some of the players that got a little bit dinged up in the game yesterday. On the other side, it's RK away. Broncos INSIDER Brennan Crystal joining us more on the other side. It's Kay away. News radio.

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