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Kfi thirteen ten KFI K. A. dot com northern Colorado's voice mornings gail from the auto collision as Specialists Studios. It's so you have been forewarned to hear the story about this guy that was he was just out enjoying a pleasant round of golf with his three Powell's well, he ended up. In the hospital after a nasty encounter with a large bull elk, which ripped his kidney into three pieces I kid you not Zach Bornhoft forty-one, his friends they were playing the Evergreen Golf course this past Saturday they were met by dozens of elk just roaming around the course it's not an uncommon sight. So born hop said the Gulf went pretty good and speaking to CNN golfing went pretty good throughout the day until we got to the back nine and saw those elk. Bul It's just dying us, don't you be eyeball eyeballing me? We were slowly going forward and the Buhl out started charging at US and he missed. So Zach? Buddy gas the car to get away and well didn't get away fast enough as the elk gaurd him on his right side. Yeah. The animals antler punctured born Hans Body and penetrated his left kidney pretty much ripping it apart. It was unbelievable. He told CNN the was just freaked out and there was nothing we could do for hop also recounted his ordeal on facebook where he insisted that he and his friends definitely were not playing with the elk important safety tip give them plenty of distance. He said on facebook. There was absolutely nothing I could do in my situation. It's unbelievable how fast and wide news travel. So here's the real story. The Elk owned the property and he didn't want US I. Didn't he wrote Napoles titled Zach Versus The elk going on to say I didn't do anything wrong. I took pictures from a distance and zoomed in on the photos driver. My Card is devastated, but there really wasn't anything that we could do. We were just trying to get away born housewife. Meghan also recounted his ordeal on facebook where she said after a long night half day of waiting, we are relieved to say that the urologist thinks the kidney will be able to repair itself. She added the trauma team put Zach under last night to flushes wound. Ouch Yikes, they were able to clean them up. But well, they couldn't safely go further at that point he continues to be in a tremendous amount of, but is handling it with true intrude Zach fashion with his dry sense of humor. Spokesperson for Denver Parks and REC said that the incident was the first time in at least fifteen years that Golfer has been gored. They're just all over the course shoot him in West loveland but people can play through and I would suggest if well, he hits an errant tee shots and plops down among a herd of elk. You just take drop and. Go on with your life. So you don't end up like Zach. Cindy Kovar ski of Denver Parks and Recreation says they're all over the course but people can play through their signs posted around the course to warn golfers to stay away from the elk. I think that is advice. We should all heed sixty-seven seven out thirteen ten K. F. Kfi. Only. Sixty nine now thirteen ten K of K, a thirteen, ten K.. A. Dot com ones with Gail from the Auto Collision Specialists Studios. All right. We're GONNA get all caught up an everything that you need to now with ABC News and local news just right around the corner, and then we're going to jump right into our local news. Up this as the cameron peak fire makes run, but the crews hold their lines some good news there, thirteen ten K., A. Greeley Loveland Longmont for Collins causing it on seven o'clock. ABC News..

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