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He's rarely Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu got stuck in a part Yehuda market with his favorite candidate zave Elkin the Israeli right-wing fills the wind in its sails powered by President Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital the nationalists who bulk at the Palestinian vision for their capital in east Jerusalem like to talk of a unified city meaning under Israeli administration. Leo Szilard is a former Israeli government advisor turned think tank director the way, we walk in modern democracies are days is that when there is a representation there is also a support and attention of the municipality to what's happening. What's happening in Jerusalem? Is that one third of the city does not have those representatives that wake up in the morning and make the phone call to the mayor. Some polling suggests a large number of east Jerusalem. It would be prepared to vote for the local authority. There's been some new is rarely government investment in the city's east. But the boycott is likely to stick says the Palestinian academic multi Abdelhadi today after fifty one years the are using when stinian who claim as a citizen of Israel. Run for election. People will not vote because this is Israel. We are not considered as people at all. They are taking our history. Our culture our heritage and claiming this land and not the land the political horizons city councils may rarely go beyond schools and street lights in new pavements, but Jerusalem goes to the heart of the Israeli Palestinian conflict and so two questions over today's election. And the report is by our Middle East correspondent, Tom Bateman? Now, it's more than a footnote voted in a presidential election held onto the presidency is being there since nineteen two but the opposition is protesting. It's it isn't happy with the result. Or the way the election was held a number of protesters were arrested over the weekend. The lectures, followed months of values in English, speaking, arisen Amnesty, International estimates four hundred people have been killed in the past year and one sixty members of the security forces of date since late twenty sixteen tens of thousands of crossed the border into Nigeria and hundreds of thousands are internally displaced one priest father under a sewer is asking the United Nations to organize a referendum. I think if.

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