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Lewis yeah he he he played the part with a higher high voice yeah we got John batteries coming out but now we definitely want to get to the traffic because Robinson apparently we've just ran into each other in the kitchen out there when I was grabbing rocks white cloth and the the equivalent of three to be here you guys quit laughing I'm sorry I had to drive one I honest to god the got taken a sip of one you've never tried it rob has no have I know well you're not going to if you have your attitude well well I do have good news if you're on the highway so maybe they'll make up for it in the U. C. L. traffic center you see health Westchester hospital nationally recognized for providing superior medical care and outstanding patient experiences yes they've cleared the jackknife semi north bound seventy five it as our Charles but traffic very heavy toward two seventy five that should be clearing up here very shortly they've also cleared the accident after twelfth in pike on southbound seventy four out of five all lanes are re open traffic they're heavy back across the bridge to hobble and as I scanned my cameras still have the accident blocking the entrance ramp from the lateral onto north bound seventy five but all three highway lanes are re opened there so things starting to get much better an accident south seventy five at the Ronald Reagan remains blocking the left lane you heavy back into Lockland report of an accident east to seventy five near Winton wrote I'm rob Williams news radio seven hundred W. what that was the forecast from a seven hundred WLW weather center for tonight more rain possible the low of thirty five for tomorrow a mixture of snow.

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