President Trump, Congress, JOE discussed on The Renegade Republican with Dan Bongino - Ep. 514 Trump Draws a Redline


Now that we have a probusiness president donald trump and even though the feckless republicans are in charge there's still the idea that okay even if the republicans don't do anything joe at least they won't vance any more obama type stuff you get what i'm saying it so the gist of the pieces that companies are growing because they're not even expecting anything any more out of the congress 'cause they sucks so bad the republicans but they just understand that the suck extends the not doing anything to like you're just not going to hurt us anymore and now over eight years we've caught a lot of an excessive costs we didn't need joe's a tshirt companies now a leaner meaner commpany it's figured out new ways to do business any any cheaper costs to sell cheaper t shirts and now they figure okay we've adjusted to the crap is this environment it's not going to get crappier and now all of a sudden attorney mccaw terada because they've learned to operate as a leaner meaner operations that makes sense adapt adapt adapt adapt is right voted a day adapted in over and overcame you're absolutely right uh so that's one of the proposals in the piece that the relentless say the business environment caused a lot of costcutting and that costcutting is talk companies to learn to operate and leaner meaner fashion and now that the antibusiness climate is stop granted the probusiness one hasn't started 'cause we haven't done much in the senate get rid of a few regulations the republican congress can't get out of their own way they can't get the tax cuts and can't repeal obamacare but at least the bad stuff is stopped another proposal as to why this might be happening is the weak dollar i always.

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