Prime Minister, Law Firm, Steel Plant discussed on MSU Basketball vs. Cleveland State


Go joining his here prime minister you will be assistant coach my girl a reporter evan abuse rise presented by our buddies happy abboud law firm showed take it away well mike no question about it the best first half you probably had this season what are your thoughts so far while i mean you go on seventy four percent from the field sixty map from the three eighty eight nine from the free throw line uh you know fourteen assess yours young on your plan pretty well um you know this is a lot like gone recounted visited to be with these guys saw the big thing is with you know with steel plant well defensively uh we got do a little bit better job you know we really working on pushing up all guys a trying to take away at 3point shot but we've got to cover each other in the gaps in some towns were not the one that arm of dennis is doing a good job would have team of clear an clear to help where we can but we can't really get into gap sometimes but we got push that got back toward it it looks like defensively there might have only been small gaps of of laps of what they were doing correctly were word got a couple 3s ron you but otherwise of to offensive while i was up that was a uh a result of us getting caught out a rotation and have an over help in all of a sudden you know is the long closeout out over there and kitties shooting from you know over here where we're stand i thought appleby really good promising freshman for cleveland state got our point guard that has some foul trouble you're absolutely if i'd had a guard like that when i was go.

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