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So we took her into the E. R. And they test your for croup. She had croup. They went in. Ah, put her on a ventilator. She was out of there in like three hours out of the yard and three hours. Her breathing was perfectly fine shoes. You know, she was back to normal, just perfectly fine. But of course, that she was in the E R. They tested her for covert. Well, then, two days later. He called my wife up and said, Hey, Sophie tested positive for Cove it so as a result, Uh, you need to go in quarantine her for 14 days, you know, put her in the basement in a room in the basement away from everybody. And nobody in the house should have any contact with her for 14 days. You know the and what is so insane about that is you know, Scott, if you look at it, you know, before this whole coverted, you know that be child abuse. You would be locked up for that. And here you got, you know, North Dakota State officials telling you this is what you're supposed to be doing it just to save, you know, but anyway, like the worst I came down with was a runny nose. My little girl. She got a fever for one day. My wife got a fever for half a day, but she lost her sense of taste and smell for two weeks. Um you know, my one guy. He came down with a fever for three days. The other guy, Um, you know, it was basically a fever for a couple days. You know nothing worse than More or less the common flu, you know, and and and for that we are destroying our economy, scaring the living daylights out of people and wrecking businesses and lively hoods and everything else and look The fellow that died with diabetes. That's sad, But guess what? There were other things because death as well. The regular flu, right? I mean, hey, was in a vulnerable position and anybody in that anybody in that category? They are where the focus belongs. They should not be out. They should be in a room in a basement, being very, very sure that they're not getting this not everyone else. I mean, that's that's unbelievable. And just the story you told there is so rare about what happened to you, your precious little daughter. You and your wife and the worst of that was not being ableto. No smell a good steak, I guess for a couple of weeks, right? I mean, wow. Yeah, or taste exactly. It's just It's after nine that they keep pushing it and keep pushing it and you know, And if you look at the numbers I wanted did the numbers. And You know, it's one in 10,500 people, your chances of dying from this worldwide one in 10,500. So if you look at Bismarck, you know if the numbers are true. You know, and they're always going, Teo. You know, uh, make the numbers higher. So basically at 10,506 people, people in Bismarck are literally going to die from the cold. You know in that cat I don't want anybody to die. But to go on shut the only economy and killed businesses, which you know how many people have committed suicide because either they're stuck at home, not making money or they can pay their bills. You know, it's it's just after nine and all the way around. It is appreciate the call very much Glad everybody's on the mend. And Mr Safest Diesel repair shop in the state of North Dakota. They've all had their immune Now, folks coming. You know, you can't go wrong there. So get in there and get her done. Thanks, TJ Appreciate it. Yeah. You better talk to you later, Scott. All right, so Congressman Kelly Armstrong and I sat down yesterday We have a full interview up on our website that you can see as well with the the video of this interview, But I'm gonna play some highlights today that are very important. I think for you to hear, and one of them is on measure three. Measure three again. We talked about it earlier on the ballot. In North Dakota Congressman Kelly Armstrong. What do we need to know about it? What do we need to know Specifically about measures start with North Dakota has the easiest ballot access of any kind of any state in the country. We have the easiest voting access. We're the only state in the country without voter registration. It is legitimately the easiest place to get on the ballot in the easiest place to vote in the whole countries. The one has to ask yourself why are out of state special interest groups coming in and trying to change our elections? I think when you start with that question, and more importantly, then why are they lying about how there gathering their signatures? You know they they market themselves as AH, Grassroots organization in North Dakota. It's the absolute definition of an Astro turf. Organization. The funding comes from out of state groups who are targeting conservative states all over the country to change the way they do elections, and the short version of this is very simple. Bring in California Election law to North Dakota. That's what they're doing, and they're marketing it as making it easier for our military to vote. I spent three years as the State Party chairman and been involved in politics long before that we allow the veterans for our well our active duty military 46 days to vote the differences. They can request the ballot whenever they want. I have never had a viable complaint from any military person about access to voting, whether they're deployed out of state or overseas or anywhere, And you know how I know that because if I would, I would have got on it immediately. This is a fake part of the measure because they want it. They want to get into allowing unelected bureaucrats to redistrict, North Dakota, But more importantly, they want to bring rank choice voting to our to our election process. Tell me what I need to know about Rank choice. Voting is essentially taking away one person. One vote. That's the easiest way to describe it. You can vote for as many people on the ballot as you want. North Dakota has the convention process. I love the convention process. Even though we have competitive primaries here and there..

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