Anne Coulter, Radio Talk Show Host, Governor Huckabee discussed on Joe Walsh


I wanna give a shout out to Ann Coulter. Everybody knows him Coulter conservative firebrand, Ann Coulter. Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee was on one of the programs today. Might have been last night. And he took a shot at Ann Coulter. Ann Coulter wants the wall. More than anything. And and and Coulter has said if Donald Trump doesn't build the wall he's done. He can't win in twenty twenty and Ann Coulter opposes Trump's compromise that he put forth on Saturday temporary. Amnesty for the five billion dollars to begin building. The wall. Ann Coulter said, no, no, amnesty amnesty. What kind of bull is that you're going to allow millions to stay in this country? Why even build a wall? So Ann Coulter road Donald Trump hard after that and Ann Coulter rides Trump hard on a daily basis. Gives a wall update. Usually a few times every week. How much of the wall we've built today? None zero. So huckabee's on one of the TV shows. And he says I the heck with Anne Coulter. If she thinks it's so easy. He are run for she are run for president. She should run for elected office. And I get that. I hear that there's a little bit of truth into that. It's having been on both sides like I was in congress. And now on the radio, I'm on the outside. I get it. It's much easier to shout from out here. It's difficult obviously to get anything done when you're in there. I mean, Trump is president right? He's not an Coulter. He's not a radio talk show host. He has to attempt to get something done. He's got to attempt to reopen government. So I hear huckabee's point. And I get it. But let me say this as somebody who is politically pretty aligned with Ann Coulter. And I am and I agree with Ann Coulter. On the wall. I'm disappointed that Trump has begun to build the wall yet, I believe if Donald Trump doesn't build the wall he sunk he cannot win in twenty twenty. Let me just say something positive about an Coulter. She and. Voices like hers. Are necessary. Because if an Coulter is not out there. With boots. Upside the president's backside to make sure he does what he promised. He would do. Well, then Trump's gonna do what he's supposed to do. Let us not forget that before Christmas before the shutdown. Donald Trump told the Senate. Go ahead and pass the spending Bill without any money for the wall. I'll sign it. And the Senate went ahead and passed the spending Bill without any money for the wall. One hundred enough and by the way, unanimous and Trump was all ready to sign it until. Yeah. Until Ann Coulter spoke out. And others. Myself included. I don't have the microphone the megaphone that in Coulter dies. But Ann Coulter spoke out. And she went after the president. She called the president out. Rush Limbaugh did as well. Michelle Malkin did as well. And the president changed his mind. And the shutdown began. And now, we're thirty two days into the shutdown in if not for a voice like Ann Coulter's. You wouldn't be here. The government wouldn't be shut down. The government would continue to go right on spending money. But the government would not spend any money on the wall. There would be no fight about the wall. There'd been a wall. So. Yeah. Governor Huckabee complain all you want about people like Ann Coulter. And Joe Walsh. But without? Those of us way over here. Demanding and shouting for the wall. The wall would never ever get funded. I'm not convinced it's still gonna get funded. But we wouldn't be here..

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