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The bad stuff by the candy corn by the Smarties by Ah, you know, Zazi or whatever they're called, you know dot know, there was a thing called one of those exploding things and your 00. Yeah, yeah, that's that's great. Let me get you sorted out candy to kids that blows up in my room just owed if you buy anything with chocolate You're done, and you know it right? That's let's be honest Adults like chocolate. There's no adult that doesn't like chocolate in the world. Now there are some people that are allergic to it. But you still love it, and you can remember it by But if you don't want to eat your kids, can we then get to get the stuff That's just all sugar. And and then you go in. I don't need I want that. But if it's got any won't either going to be popping every kid in the neighborhood will be bouncing off the walls for like a month. That's right. Ah, well, having time. I I can remember. Even as a kid I would throw away. You know, a quarter of the bag left because it was either just really, really nasty candy. Or, you know, you can only take Smarties for about I don't know, maybe five days. You know as a kid and get tired of them because they don't have the same flavor because you put somebody in your body or in your mouth. It's just awful and I don't know, but That's Ah, That's kind of a recommendation. The other thing I'm kind of dealing with their tonight we have on our church, a trucker tree. We're going to take the grandkids too, that this could be fun. But tomorrow night, I don't know what to do. Cause the grandkids are staying two nights to staying tonight, and they're gonna stay tomorrow night and so we're gonna have them. I'm not real comfortable with doing the Halloween trick or treating thing and given kids candy, but I can do it and put a mask on. All right. It's on grabbing reaching there. But how much do you buy? Because I don't know how many we have. We have a large neighborhood of go of kids are great kids around here. But I don't know how much to buy. You buy it and it just by. Just make a guess. Buy a big bag, and then it's there and you can have it is now that they have those little bite sized ones, which is a double edged sword. Because if you buy the bigger ones, I'll just need a couple of big ones. But now if you buy these tiny little things are about the size of a penny. I'll just pop those in my mouth, like given names. Well, I'm thinking about buying two bags. But what if you only get one? What if you only get 15 kids and then there you are with the bags and you know, I'm not going to buy the cheap stuff for that. I'm gonna buy rice. Oh, I'm enjoy. Then you'll get big between brig. In between Now Christmas, you'll send munch on it and then complain You're fat, but you'll enjoy. I don't know what I'm going to really get the bag from here until Thanksgiving..

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