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57 degrees in the American Standard Cooling Weather Center. The time is 8 16 supply chain issues a plenty. This is not going anywhere, people. I mean it will eventually get better. But what do you do? In the meantime, Tony Katz 93. W I b c Good morning. Let me bring in Gary Dick from inside indiana business dot com On Twitter it II be accurate gr Why I carried it on the Twitter box. Tried to buy a bike for my youngest And walked into a place in Carmel. They had nine bikes, and they said You can order one. It'll take eight months. The supply chain conversation hitting everybody, Gary Dick, and we're seeing this if you drive by car lots. New car dealerships all over the area. You will see very few new cars on the on the lots. Talk to me about what they're telling you and exactly how big this issue is. What's the big issue? No, no question about it and let me apologize up front. Tony got a bit of a head cold over the weekend. So Wow, what? First of all, Where are you Right now? You're on vacation or you someplace warm. No, I'm I'm in there. We're in the rain in India. So right here in the beautiful Midwest. Wow, man, the pipes this morning. Yeah. Honestly, I was about to say we already had four ladies call in and say, Who is this man? Oh, but, hey, you know, back on topic This'll. Whole supply chain issues is a big issue and Across all industry Convention automotive and certainly part of that a big part of that deal. Is this the shortage of chips of microchips that go in? And they really, obviously essentially make cars, work? Cars and trucks work these days. Ah, shortage of that. You said you saw the truck plant up in Fort way that is essentially parking, and he has hundreds of trucks to sitting on Lot up there. They don't have the parts to make them go, essentially, but it touches on everything. It feels obviously what the supply thine eyes situation as a result of the pandemic. Still working its way out. It is getting Slowly but surely a bit better. But it is gonna be a while before along, while perhaps before things are back to normal. The long wild conversation. Is a big one, because one has to ask exactly how do you function? You know, we talked about what's going on in cars in Indiana. Cars are very, very important. When you're talking about Subaru or some of the other manufacturers that are here without the semiconductor chips, Right Without those computer chips, you can't make them. And his Harvard Business Review pointed out. Some of this has to do with the card companies poorly understanding how they need to continue to have their supply chains coming in so they could create. They said. Hey, we don't need as many chips. They got sold to other people. So they're in the back of the queue. If you will. Is there a conversation going on? Regarding. Well, if if these people can't create, they're going to start laying off, And if the dealerships don't have cars to sell, and you're seeing used car prices go up. Eventually. That creates a disaster as well as anybody, giving you a hint of this could create some serious ripples for a manufacturing state like India. Well, certainly, And when you look at Indiana as the most manufacturing intensive state in the country put Tampa to there are concerns quite no question about it As to how long this bike way. See what companies have done. Subaru you mentioned Super of, uh uh, Super of Indian Automotive in lost yet on they essentially Fernald workers, you know, shut down production for a couple of weeks. Back in business now, but are doing things like that to get through this situation Now, how long does it last will ultimately on the back end, You know, thanks Improved don't know a lot of questions surrounding it, but it is a concern and you know the manufacturing industry. Obviously, it's coming back in a big way. So that's the frustrating part. That demand is out there. We're getting to a hopefully soon of post pandemic economy if you will. In the manufacturing sector is raised role, but the supply chain of the distribution issues certainly exist. Talking to Gary Dick inside indiana business dot com. I think the best story here is the story that should shake Bloomington to its core. And this is produce university expecting its largest ever incoming freshman class. They're gonna have 10,000 plus freshman. Coming in more Indiana residents more out of state residents by 1000. It seems to be based on the reporting that you've got there inside indiana business dot com. Guess, freezing tuition and actually being a place That's kind of cool is enough for kids say, Yeah, I'll go there. Well, it was certainly good news and news that produced was touting last week. In fact, I believe this incoming freshman classes you mentioned 10,000 freshmen coming in would be the largest incoming freshman class of 80 Big Ted School for 15 years, expected to be on campus this fall, so something to town and I do know that there has been a biggest selling point that produce talked about multiple years. I can't remember now what it is 89 years of Frozen tuition that's very attractive to people when they see that and they think about the rising cost of a college education. So it's something that produce is counting and think you're gonna get get some national press, which is the other thing to produce received a lot of positive national press when it comes to, uh freezing tuitions and efforts to hold down the cost of higher education. So now you need to do the part to something that we have discussed in depth. How do you keep students who come here for college? How do you say Hey, This is the place that you should stay. That's very often a job's conversation that it sometimes the taxation conversation. It is always an entertainment. A conversation are places like West Lafayette looking at themselves or Lafayette in general, I should say and saying, you know, if if Fort Wayne won't provide it in massive You have anyone provided mass? Why don't we try to provide it is the room for Lafayette, West Lafayette to become the next great growing region of India. I think so on, you know, so and I think to your point. It's not just Indianapolis in four way. Evans Oh, metro areas in Indiana that we're looking to these quality of place quality of life issues trying to keep you know more.

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