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I know banks. She say what you do if I leave. I said I'm do me b I g everything's zoom in big bag looking like, I'm moving in got my foot in the door. And we still here. I'm a first generation millionaire brookdale Carson, my family, not having a passionate like after more than just hashing Femi soda wars. Now lead the package, boys. Cap nick. Healthcare. A wealth from welfare. Used to flip does my IRA bottoms with the crypto three points at a pay a whole semester. But you gotta ride abetted and slow. Newell for hip hop. Boy's name, man. Bankrolled T news right now shut off to my man. Why is he had a chance to how they are white t yesterday. Weiji to big time. Big Bank right there. Why he problem is? Well was west coast family. All righty now, we gotta speak on a man's creator. We had Jaden Smith in the neighborhood Janus midday during the interview talking about music, any title, creator, pretty much say they he did not like his album via. So we like man, how did you take it? And it was you know, it was tough. Now, it was like one of those things where you know, you get back in there. And and you tighten up in and you make a better album. I appreciate it. Like what I what I wanted was tell me why it's not good getting.

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