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Uh but the game is really fun with your friends especially if you're drunk to sing but yep the game basically you put like these things in your mouth and his makes it you're not you can't pronounce you can't use your lips to pronounce words so it makes it sound like ridiculous and have try and guess your teammates and bella but so they made this game it's speak out joe santa got addition if you go on to amazon you could type that in and you will see it there's a picture of my dump face on the box and on the back of the box it is me and my siblings playing it which i was very adamant about i wanted them to be on the box because now he just kind of have that which is i honestly is i good enough for me i mean if you don't know about it that just goes to show like how much promotion i've put into it i probably should have promoted promote promote a probably should have promoted it more but you know i didn't i don't know why i you know that video just ahead to take a downs kind of like bummed after that but um you know the game itself is good enough for me the fact that it's a real thing that people can purchase and people have purchase which if you have thank you uh and it just really crazy man i'd never thought that i'd fucking be able to do that it's just wild like but it's when people ask me like your what's it like it's just like weird as hell you know what i mean imagine like when i was growing up i always wanted to use my mom's cameron shit and i'm doing cameras shit kinda and you know we every friday was game game night in my house like my parents siblings who sit around the table when we play a board game or some shit and now we fuck inmate like it's you know what i mean it's crazy.

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