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This shares for me. This is my life. Yeah you're talking to nineteen year old kid and you're not kissing his ass enough on. You're not gonna talk to that person then if you're talking to thirty year old man who still didn't think he's wrong about what happened ten years ago. There's no point in sitting down. We'll smith was open. He extended the invite probably let her know that he was open to get some closure and she was like you know what. I'm going to finish this story. I'm going to now show him what he could have done. And what he did to me because he was open so it was the right time to carry that on for the rest of their lives. Thirty years is enough to carry a sack of shit. Let it go and she did it. And i'm so happy for both yeah. It ended up being positive. I just. I'm having them as well are. Jennifer lopez just had a heart to heart with her twins. Maximum emmy that changed everything for her so in wsj magazine's november innovator issue on sale saturday jalen reveals that while and lockdown. The twelve year olds told her they were parts of their lives. They were fine with and other parts they were not jennifer called the whole conversation. A real eye opener. She said you think you're giving them an awesome life but at the same time the needs. They need us in a different way. We have to slow down and we have to connect more superstar like jaylo on the road constantly. I mean you've interviewed her. And i remember it was by the time you got through all the things she had coming up. You had enough time to basically two questions talking about utah. Your movie your sitcom youtube channel your every needs. I want to start off by saying kudos jennifer lopez because a lotta moms in the industry like to do this whole. I'm home every day. I don't have any help like this is so easy i put my kids. I i put my life. i blow. They do this whole facade but we forget that everyday women nine to five women women who small businesses sometimes miss out on things because they want to give their kids a better life so this is so relatable that she is being honest with every relationship every few years you gotta vocalise what your needs are and sometimes the hardest wants to hear from our kids one hundred because it makes wall bureau says this isn't working but those are the words that are going to be the most the most powerful for her to check in with their kids and say okay. This is not working. We need to change this. That happens in real families. And i think you know what i think this is first of all. It was so refreshing to hear this from jail because again we have always heard about how busy she is. And what's going on. And i think that this really as the end of the day you strip away the j. lo named strip away all the money you strip away all of the all of the activities and things that she has going on in different products are projects. She has two children. that just need her right. That's that's the thing about parenting. And i'm i'm not one yet so chris could probably speak to this better like obviously money helps with situations. Obviously it's really nice to be able to put your kid in different activities to keep them busy to get them what they want. They really just need you to be home as much as possible or checking in as much as possible so you build a relationship and build some substance within your children so they grow up to be decent human beings and no like how to handle different situation. That's why it's so hard. Yeah i think there's a it's a tricky balance right because yes you one hundred percent of your kids are the most important thing to you and your whole entire lives but at the same time for me example like if i cut back on work more or if i cut back say stop doing this show because i wanted to be home all the time. I don't know that. I would feel fulfilled in my life. I don't know that. I do too happy with myself. So i worry about j. lo because she has gotten herself for so many years. I'm talking since she started like at seventy. She's been literally working from morning till night. Like here busy schedule. What time can i fit it in. Okay good. I can make dinner on thursday. You know that's how busy she is and to like. Take that all away. It's a beautiful thing for while you slow down but then after a year of that you either embrace the reality or she may be like like to stop her. Yeah she doesn't have to stop for life. You just have to sort of reorganize something. Maybe you maybe. There's something that you do that. The kids are not a part of that you bring them along and that's where you have conversation. I'm like i don't think i think what you've done is really amazing. You need to have that balance. I'm going to be like you. I'm good in each work and fulfill myself and then i'm going to also be able to. Have you know baby time. I couldn't be the type of mother personally with my child all day long. Then the women. That are good for them. I would pull my leave out. I think that it's one of those things that you really do need to balance. But i think for her. It's about changing her approach to certain things so kids can maybe be a part of something. They weren't before one hundred percent. I wish you the best that i just think. Sometimes that's easier said than done. Yes i'm gonna break the fourth wall here until you guys a story about j. lo it's one of my wait wait. Can you save it. You went from one second okay. We're going to hear justin story whenever we come back and still ahead. Jim tan drama. The jersey shore cast is talking to us about quarantine cups and moving on without snooky plus the decker secret exposed. The real reason why they get engaged so young..

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