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I made money was And this was before video. Game collecting was huge. You know after twenty fourteen kind of boomed but In you know own nine two thousand ten i would. I would go up to kids in school and you know like the old nintendo sixty four's and stuff like that. I go up to him and i be you know and these kids you know. They want money for pot. Or whatever. So i go up to him and i'm like hey you got in sixty four with all the games i'll give you twenty bucks for it and they would like try to like you asked me like twenty five. I'm like okay twenty five and so they show up with a duffel bag and sixty four ten games. I flipped out for one hundred dollars on ebay. And so great is right. That's what this is the idea of. What starts you. What gets you going and some people think. Oh my my professional career job. It wasn't until i was twenty five. Starting know what was the thing that started you when you were a kid and what really got your your juices flowing. I mean so it's weird. It's the concept of. I mean how do i put it the concept like you said the value of a dollar. That was that was instilled Since maybe eleven my dad would always show me. He had a a couple of basketball cards and baseball cards. And he showed me and they were in the top loader. You know the hard plastic. And that's another thing i do like. So for instance hear like you see how the card is in the plastic there and to sleep in itself to yet pennies. Leave you and so like this is probably like maybe two thousand four might dad showing me this and he was like. Oh yeah this is worth a lot of money. Because i kept it and the reality is it was. It was a michael jordan basic car. Not a rookie. Not auto not not anything. So it worth a dollar but i you know like you..

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