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But my tweet was this is like if San Fran was a uniform, the words San Fran, Whenever I hear a new player come to the Giants, and they're like I'm so happy to be here in San Fran. I just cringe. And that's kind of what happened with this uniform, Just like no, you know, centered a little bit. But no. And then I got on with my day. It's not life and death. You know, I made some fun with it. I got to call him out of it. I went and found the ugliest. A uniform that the Giants war for one day in 1999, that was uglier than that, And then you know, I'm not angry, but I think it's an ugly uniform markets and I know we're in disagreement on this, but Well, I think it's an ugly uniform. But I have a predisposition that I have to admit, like you have a really hard time. Uh, like upsetting me with anything that's orange. Like orange is just my jam like No. And this is where again you and I differ because you're Burlingame Panther like Sam until bear cats. San Francisco Giants Orange is my favorite fruit. There's an orange peel sitting by my foot right now here. At my house that I just ate for lunch. Like if you make it orange, I'm going to be like, Ooh, pretty. So that was kind of the way that I looked at this, but I also want to just wait and see what it looks like out on the field. So you know, maybe that's me. But do you not even like orange Fridays like do you want? Do you want the regular jersey all the time? I think Orange Friday is like radical for the Giants and as radical as they should get, but even Orange Friday the logo they're very careful to make things like little subtle nods. The way the stripes are done. They're like The way the stripes were in the eighties, and the Giants logo is kind of old school. They put them out there in orange, but then they push it back by putting a lot of things that remind you this is the Giants. There's nothing on this new uniform. That reminds you that it's the Giants like even that, G. I'm like where they get that she I've never seen that G on any sports team in San Francisco and I I like orange. I don't even mind that they creamsicle did it and made it. You know, I don't know why they didn't use international arms like the Golden Gate Bridge, something we can connect to. But if you're going to do a different orange, that's fine. But I don't like orange. With the absence of any other color mark. You could put on a pair of sunglasses that are orange tinted, and every player would look like their uniform would be completely white. There is nothing on this uniform. There's no black trim. There is nothing. It's just orange. So I thought the hat was okay. I mean, again. It's got the Golden Gate Bridge. I mean, it looked a little bit like appear three. Here's 39 half, but I like Pier 39. Alright, that's fine. They've got to sell. Sell the Giants to international audiences. That was okay. Mike Kruger came out in a hoodie that again It looked like a Gatorade hoody. But I was like, that's a pretty sweet looking hoodie. It looked better on an orange hoodie with white And I was like, I'd buy that hoodie, but this uniform, I just look at it, and I think it's going to look worse on Friday. Um, is that the first day? They're playing with it? Yeah. Friday and the Giants appear. Yeah, well, we've been told is the people inside the organization say no, It looks better. It looks better on the field that it will at that, you know, in the modeling shoot pictures that we've seen. If it looked better on the field. Then why do all the players who put it on and modeled for it Looks like they're in a hostage situation. Brandon Crawford, and it's because I found that 1999 Jersey It's just like Sleeveless Jersey was awful is for turn ahead the clock day and no joke. The Giants like created a jersey for what jerseys might look like in 2021, Okay, and all the players back then, too. It looks like a total hostage situation that this is true the city jersey when they debuted the city jersey for the Warriors in the seventies. Same thing. All the players like look like, Oh, God, so maybe in 50 years this will be the new City, jersey. The Creamsicle giants jersey will be sold internationally. And revered, but I don't think so. I'm not going to bet on it. I love that. You said that they look like they're in a hostage situation because Mauricio Dubon is one of the guys. He is at a hostage. He's being held hostage by Sacramento right now, So maybe that's why he has that look on his face. Yeah. Good point. Well, alright, well, okay, so fun to connect with you on this and and let's let's text Friday night. When we see what it looks like on the field. I would love to know if you think it got better or worse. That sounds good. We will talk about that. And I will dig up some old math department party. Photos from Out in the late seventies early eighties and see if we're wearing tough skins. And you know what? The fashion was back then I'm going to play kazoo on the show on Friday, if that's okay with you. Okay, you can. All right. Thank you, sir. Great to talk to you Always. Yeah. Good catching up. Have a good day. All right, you two. There he goes. Peter Hart lob the kazoo joke. He understood. Don't worry. You didn't. He did. My dad and his dad did And it was for them. Peter Hartlaub San Francisco Chronicle. He hates the jerseys. I don't mind them. At least not yet. I want to see him on the field. Plus, I love orange period. No questions asked. My daughter said the same thing that, he said, which is little black trim. Might have made this whole thing work a little bit better. I'm open to that idea. Chris Mullin joins us next Mark Willard in for Papa and land on these sports leader. Mhm. You're smart speaker is a radio. You hear Papa in London home. Just say to your apple.

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