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Fifty s Jason Scott joins us live and local with details yet, Brooke a judge ruling today. The prosecution had not presented sufficient evidence to show the defendant's actions were the cause of William marshal's death. It was December of two thousand seventeen the thirty five year old extra men was arrested on drug charges. He began convulsing having spasms soon after being booked into Westlands jail. He then died weslend sergeant Ronald buckling along with paramedics met Deka Sola. And Leah Maynard still face a misconduct in office charge their due back in court later this month. Reporting live, Jason Scott's WW J NewsRadio nine fifty. Three. Michigan men have been arrested after allegedly pledging allegiance to ISIS and conspiring to support that terrorist organization w w j NewsRadio nine fifties. Michael Cohen joining us live and local with the latest on that Michael Greg Brooke the suspects were arrested on Monday afternoon out for one of them was taken into custody at the Gerald r Ford airport in Grand Rapids as he was set to depart on a series of stops on his way to Mogadishu Somalia. Members of the FBI joint terrorism task force arrested. The man named moose moose as he was about to Boorda's flight allegedly on his way to join and fight for the Islamic state of Iraq. The other two men Mohammad muse and Salat Haji were arrested a short while later accused of helping him pay for that ticket and transporting them to the airport. All three men are landing residents and are naturalized us citizens who were born in Kenya. Additionally, federal authorities alleged that museum use and Haji discussed their desire to potentially. Use a car to run down nonbelievers here in the United States. If they were not able to travel overseas all three now face up to twenty years in federal prison. Reporting live, Michael Cohen, w w j NewsRadio nine fifty. Authorities in upstate New York have charged three men with plotting to attack a Muslim community with explosives that three Rochester area men were going to attack. Islam Berg a sixty acre Muslim west of the Catskills. CBS's Jeff gays has more on the area that is majority Muslim they live in a community up there. And in fact, it is an Islamic community that has been the target of threats in the past. And obviously some of this is still developing. But investigators believe that's why these suspects were going to target that location. Investigators say the men involved could also face federal charges by vote of five to four. The supreme court has given the Trump administration the green light to restrict transgender military service while challenges to the policy make their way through the lower. Dreaming is an active duty navy Lieutenant Commander, and is openly transgender deployed eleven times to while. I was transitioning he says he's disappointed the supreme court will allow the Pentagon to limit transgender military service at least for now we go back. Tune effective. Don't ask don't tell where they have to be in the closet back in July of twenty seventeen. President. Trump tweeted, the military would not allow transgender individuals to serve in any capacity reversing an Obama era policy. And that is CBS news correspondent Natalie brand..

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