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Slash new. Welcome back inside the huddle like us on Facebook that inside the huddle W K A. Hey, we're back to inside the huddle. At least I think that's what the show is called. Dot com. Yeah. We're just gonna burn you can make make that a drop going forward. Michael not being able to exit the show for commercial, Michael who exactly we welcome in Bill bender from sporting, news dot com. You can follow him on Twitter at Bill bender ninety two Bill. Hurry today. Busy as you can imagine that never stops. I understand I understand and pretty soon. We'll be into the bulls. They start to think December fifteenth. So just I think a week from Saturday with the first one Bill do you have a you have a Heisman vote because that's this weekend. Yeah. And we're not allowed to say who we voted for. That's the new rule so voted Monday. I think tell you it's gonna be close it'll probably be closed between two Tyler. And I think there's some value to that be interesting. I think both are deserving. I don't think there's a wrong answer. And quite honestly, Dwayne Haskins probably deserves a little more attention. So the season he had the big ten. Yeah. Forty seven touchdown passes more than forty five hundred yards passing. Simply incredible numbers. We're going to talk about the Heisman Trophy on our show tomorrow who each of us would vote for a little preview for our listeners. But obviously the big news coming out of Columbus. Yesterday urban Meyer retiring, and I wanna ask about Ryan day in a minute here. But Bill you wrote a story about this urban Myers legacy, and it's it's complicated legacy. And so I wonder though, you know, he didn't he wasn't. Forced to retire. At least we don't think. So this wasn't a job paternal situation. And this wasn't an art braille situation as wasn't a scandal, certainly a ugly offseason for urban Meyer. But he's not being forced out. And so I wonder when when we talk about legacy. Five years from now, how many people are talking about a complicated legacy. Or are. We just looking at what he accomplished on the field. I don't think it always reportable store this year's events and health concerns and the way things ended up Florida and the way things ended the steak versus, you know, you're dealing with my estimation. One of the top five coaches all time, you know, he's he has the record. I mean, it's absurd fifty four and four in conference in the big ten pretty big ten championships. Obviously, the the thing they cite most down here and probably up where you're at seven oh record against Michigan. And I think all of that weighs a lot. I guess my thing is the legacy to me. It's still a little bit on hold because I know what he said the pizza, but I wouldn't be surprised if he gets back into coaching because those guys is hyper competitive as they are hard to keep them out. Yeah. You know, we in two years from now I mean, not next season. But after the after next season he takes a year off if the medical stuff gets cleared up. You know, we're already talking about is a clay is it USC if you're Miami. Don't you kick Mark richt to the curb if you can get urban Meyer? I mean, how many how many programs out there don't kick their coach to the curb a reminder expressing expresses an interest. Yeah. I mean, there's I I would say this though, I think the number of teams he would actually even entertain coaching. It's very small. You know, like you mentioned USC Florida state, Miami Notre Dame always gets tossed out there. These are the I think it has to be a school that they can actually win a national championship that has the equipment to do that as the players and he's done that at two places to have. And we'll see I mean, the NFL always gets mentioned. I don't see that happen. And that's the one I just I am lots of the Cleveland Browns. I don't think he would take any other job. And I don't think the Cleveland Browns. They need a coach now that they can build around with Baker Mayfield. Yeah. No. I I don't think he wants to entertain that idea at the moment. His replacement is Ryan day. What do we know about Ryan day? Besides the fact that he's been. You know, his his right hand man for the last two years and he coaching a couple of games earlier this season. Offense of mind. I mean, he's largely responsible for some of the things you're seeing with Wayne Haskins how he's playing so well and or opened up their offense, and he's really telecom often and type guy, and I think that matters a lot. And you know, he he you'll find out. I mean, you know, this from Watson Michigan's coaching transitions. It's Michigan and Ohio State are aren't like every other job those are jobs where everything revolves around the game winning big and in every loss, insulting those two places more than any other. And it's gonna be tough. Just from simple sampling. He's going to a place where the last guy didn't lose the Michigan. You know, it's interesting Bill, and you mentioned that that he, you know, opposite seven or no no one's really talking about. I haven't seen anybody talking about how much of a leash Ryan day has. And and I I was discussing this on a podcast yesterday. And I said I think if he goes oh into in his first two years against Michigan. I don't know that he gets a third year. Well, we'll find out. I mean that that would certainly be a big part of the story in one thing to watch. And you know with that rivalry. I know there's a lot of talk about Jim Harbaugh going. Oh four, but he gets the rivalry. You know, he played at Michigan. He understands that he kit. It's not fake. It's genuine everything. He says about the game. And Ryan day is only the second coach for Ohio State since World War Two that was born outside of the state, and you know, the guys that had the most success in that game where Woody Hayes, and you know, Jim tressel urban Meyer, all Ohio guys. I hear that that phrase all the time. I mean, I'm in Ohio guy just a little had a little bit different route. But you know, it's it's I'm a MAC guy guest. But you know, it's it's it's gonna be interesting because you are judged on that game more than anything else. And he doesn't hear it a team that has tons of talent and walk where literally one loss keeps you out of the playoffs. Because. That's a larger big ten problem right now. Yeah. And so you actually wrote a little bit about that too about the big ten and and being snubbed, but they three straight years the big ten champion. Has has been excluded from the college football playoff. I hadn't heard Jim. I have not heard Jim Delany jump up on his pedestal and say we need to expand the couch while playoff we. That's certainly a hot topic. We've talked about it a lot going to at least eight maybe the sixteen but what has to change for the big Tonkin. Is there something that they can do or is this just three out at they're stuck in right now? No, I would I would make some changes. And I wrote about that Sunday where one I would ditch the nine conference game schedule until everybody else's Bill. It's literally what's kept everybody. It's kept him out across crossover loss across over loss. Really impacted Michigan hopes in sixteen. So that's one two. I'd get rid of divisions. No, the big twelve was onto something that helped Oklahoma beating Texas. I mean this year you would have got in Ohio State, Michigan rematch. You know, changed how the outcome of the first one went to they might not have smack them so hard in the fourth quarter. So we I would call out Notre Dame is probably Jim Delany say, okay, you earned it this year, but you need to play by the same role as everybody else you need to play. So t you know, I do think that Notre Dame does operate on on a I guess philosophy that they have to go undefeated to get in. And I respect that. But at the same time. You know played team like everybody else. Join the conference. I those are the three things if I was Delaney that would be checklist than the all season. I would demand that everybody plays. The big ten is basically Michael doing the honorable thing local scheduling, and it's keeping out of the. Well, well on your we've talked on this show about getting rid of the the divisions in just having a marquee game. 'cause yeah, I mean if a high state Michigan play again and the winner the winner of that game. If it if it is Ohio State a second time, and it's more impressive than than be northwestern of its Michigan. And they were demon. And they look good doing it. Maybe they get back in in. So there there is an opportunity there. The idea of getting rid of the nine conference games. You know, I think the the Pac twelve plays non conference games. The big time is the only other one. Yeah. I mean, you look Perdue. Prove in Iowa teams are not in Ohio State division, knocked them out. Michigan got knocked out by Iowa in two thousand sixteen. And so that is certainly an intriguing one the big ten seems so slow to react to these things. I mean, we've been talking now for the big ten east is clearly clearly a much better division than the big ten west. And there's very little agriculture. Gary from big ten offices from big ten Commissioner, Jim Delany about changing things, it just seems like in today's college football understanding that you can't just change everything every two years, but they're almost is like a five year window and how quickly the game is evolving and every five years you got to be doing something else. You've you almost need to be changing every five years if you're a conference. Needs to be very proactive. You know, and I think the big ten has strengthened its conference. But there are things that I think are a couple of things that the fans think matter that don't matter as much as they used to and I would say conference championships doesn't matter as much as it used to it just doesn't I mean it's about everything's geared toward getting to the playoffs. And I mean case in point state won the big ten championship. They finished behind the two offs Georgia team. Okay. That didn't make sense to me, by the way. To would be, you know, this idea that we have to get to eight. Well, the fact that we have to get to eight that's not going to change the fact that you have to go to program that's better than Alabama. And Clemson they're probably gonna play again. I bet you Alabama Clemson claimed the title game next year. It'd be a safe bet. It would be mean you wouldn't. I don't think you'd lose a lot of money. So I think that that those are the things that you know, as you evolve. Like, you said, you absolutely have to evolve your thinking another thing they say it's gonna take away from the regular season. You know, what it takes away from the regular season? Well, how state winning sixteen out of nineteen against Michigan? I mean, what's one more game? If they're playing in the big ten championship game. I think it'd be exciting. No, absolutely. I some of the arguments. I I don't really care for. I don't think that that devaluation. I mean, again, you it places a greater emphasis like you're still in the running. If you're in November if you're a two loss team..

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