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That that that those types of things are very important are we have had some candidates that arrive in my both here and elsewhere that have said things like well money talks scene know that kind of thing that and of course i understand compensation is is very important but that's not the mindset that would fit very well in our organization it's really yes that's important and it's important to people that we take care of them but they are here to four more emotional reasons of how they feel when they leave at the end of the day you know things like that which are who've liz hayes presidency yogurt philby credit u i'm your host david chu go you're listening to the h r power our you know liz it's interesting um and i'm going to take a complete step back for a second because some audience members they've heard credit union they've heard bank and in a in a couple of minutes could you just explain the difference between the 2 because i think is appointing people to understand with the foundational piece credit union bank and this is a little different yup yet they provide some of the same served absolutely absolutely so a lot of people get that confused honestly because the products and services are similar or even exactly the same in most cases so the difference the primary difference between a credit union and a bank is a bank is a four profit entity you know it's a business at credit union is and not for profit cooperative so credit unions were founded with people coming together pooling their money and then starting to loan into one another uh for interests with interests obviously uh they came they really that they've been around for a very long time but they.

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