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I'm the pta mom yeah i'm art other moms put off by christina applegate now i'm just i'm just sadi's mom there and the kids know me as miss la noble they don't do but i would imagine the adults like really don't care i'm telling you right now in my community look i'm not by community doesn't care i'm there so much because i'm the head of one of the heads of the library league and i am then because of that on the board of the pta i'm on a board of the curb appeal i'm on the way of council committee leadership that's your that woman or i live there i live at school so because she still loves you now yeah just wait when when do they stop stop around like twelve well tell is the beginning it could be as early as eleven twelve and then up until about sixteen seventeen my daughter out to turn eighteen is just twelve to eighteen and you really hate your mom but it's interesting yeah yesterday i had my agent called me yesterday and i was driving her my daughter to ballet and i had to put him on speaker and he was telling me about the script or something that they were sending me for pilot about at i hung up she goes what's that about and i said well it's for job she goes no i said say it's i'm gonna have to go back to work at some point she goes no you're not leaving me you're not leaving me rip your and i said well it's you know if i go and do something she was no and i said okay she goes i have a better idea why don't you teach my school.

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