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Us fast at shoppers last dot com I reject the Subaru Retailers of New England on wheel drive traffic on the threes it is brought to you by Commonwealth Motors. We've had people trying to get from here to there and not doing all that Well. Sometimes Rob began its right Bannon not helping her crash on Route three northbound Air the Bergen Parkway, clearing its heavy both ways in that stretch, and then Route three shot down his heavy before Route 14 in Duxbury. Youngest, salmon said Street in Plymouth, and it's under a two mile backup at the Sagamore Inborn Bridges. 95 shout down his jam from Mechanic Street down to a crash being worked before 4 95 95 South is heavy with a crash clearing near Rue one in Wrentham. Let's check out the express way overhead. The WBZ news radio traffic copter still very slow on the expressway South going to rob the O'Neill tunnel down to South Bay. Then it gets bogged down again from the Dorchester Yacht Club down past the gas tank. Finally, from just after granted out down the Braintree, How about the North bound side? Well, that's slow furnace foot Parkway up past deposit, and then again getting into the north and killed tunnel, But that's a very small backup. Kristen AC in the WBZ NewsRadio Traffic copter north of Town. A 93. It's heavy and slow approaching the cloverleaf 1 28 Northeast Heavy Route 38 in Woburn Up in the Wakefield for 95 South Watch for crash working before 1 25 in Hey Brill, Rob Dracula. WBC's traffic on the threes How we Get a check for the four day WBZ Actual Weather forecast meteorologist Brian Thompson is here. We got a warm weekend, coming in a little bit of a turn up in the humidity as well. Yeah, but.

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