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And an example, I often like to give is it was twenty fifteen. It was a color rush game for the NFL. It was the Buffalo Bills and the New York Jets. The Buffalo Bills were wearing all red than New York Jets. Am I getting this? Right. We're wearing all green. And they were playing on a green field. So you had of red green and a green field in about. I think thirteen million people in the US have red green color blindness. A lot of men, and I just remember Twitter people on Twitter being mad because Twitter in sports are just so entertaining together. But people were mad because they could not tell if you picture a red team a team wearing red a team wearing green and a greenfield and red and green look gray to you. So you have two teams which you can't distinguish their uniforms on a field that looks like the uniform they're wearing it was it was a big deal. So the NFL actually came out and said, you know, we we forgot to to incorporate colorblind people in our testing of this and then the next year in twenty sixteen they came out with. White uniforms because you could distinguish people who have color blindness can distinguish between white and another color. So I think they still to this day do color rush and you'll see even different t at I think in being does this color or they all were one color, but they will wear one team more will wear white in the other team aware color. Yeah. That that was meant to be a big moment the color rush campaign. It is November of two thousand fifteen and they say eight percent of men are colorblind. So I eight percent of them got on Twitter and distaste weren't happy at all that like this game is a nightmare. I can't tell which team is my team is really hard for you wanna see. And when these things happen. We always ask ourselves like how did they not know how to how did this whatever this crisis of the day is happen? We someone should have known someone should've asked someone it comes down to a failure of testing and a failure of asking people to test. Yeah. And even this this past summer because you know, when when you think about accessibility, you know, people think about people who are blind others cognitive issues. There's mobility issues in their hearing. And so this past summer. Are the the movie the incredible came out? A few weeks. I think may be one week or two after the movie came out a warning king. Now. And the warning was that the movie included some flashes because when people went to the movies they were having seizures. That was a big deal it. I mean, it was it wasn't. It wasn't. It can be this. It's twenty eighteen and we're still making things that aren't only, you know, they're annoying to people who may not have that reaction of having a seizure, but anything to flashy. I don't like it. And I don't I don't have that reaction. But I to me to have such a big movie. Have that happen that that's a pretty big deal right to to see. So. Yeah. It's also worth pointing out that after that that happened. Not only did they add the the warning. But they also changed the film itself for the digital release. There was all right overlay right of Strobe ING, and they they they stroked it without stroking it they toned it down for the DVD. Right. Yeah. So this I mean that could have been potentially prevented if if it had been run through certain testing because you need to think about this. I mean, there was a case, I think. The pokemon. My it was years ago in Japan where like seven hundred kids had seizures because of Pokemon episode, really. Well. Yeah. Because of the flash. Yeah. And then they laid it on the news. This stuff doesn't I it isn't. It's not it doesn't hurt anyone to to think about inclusivity in this way. Like, it didn't make the movie the DVD that we saw less than the the theater version just because we removed some strobes it just made it to everyone can see it. Exactly. Exactly. So where are some tools that I can go to like run on my website to to make sure that I am accessible semi huge fan of web, aim dot org..

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