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Well, there you. There. You have something a little bit different Sheryl Crowe. You know? I'm old enough to to remember. Her early early early music. But it just just the one of the things she you know, she mentioned. Going from, you know, Keith Richards to dealing with Johnny cash music, if you if you listen to her music and read about her and being on stage with Mick Jagger, and Don Henley and. You start to get a sense of how what a small world that is. And how musicians study other musicians, and it doesn't matter. What field? Whether it's you know, the Eric Clapton wanting to to learn what's going on in the world of blues. And and then having to study and going down to. Whether it was Mississippi and New Orleans in Memphis. And having you know. Guys. Like, Keith Richards, saying I wanna I wanna play with you. You know, Johnny Johnson on you know, the piano. It's it's incredible. How much? These these people believe in each other and wanna work with each other. You know, people that are great wanna work with other people that are great. In a greatness is is is defined by the people you surround yourself with. And and the however good you are if you find people out there that are as good if not better than you are at what they do. And you're able to incorporate them into your life. It's. It's the one way that I note to elevate yourself. The other thing that I thought was interesting was. You know, Cheryl mentioned the couple of things in in reading her background this idea of. And it's been in the news a lot lately that you know, this celebrity's getting involved in social causes. You know, you hear both sides of it. You know, there's this the one that came out in the NBA where somebody said, you know, somebody from TV told LeBron thinks shut up and dribble. And then I think he went he ran with that did a thing with it, which I thought was really good to then some athletes being criticized for not saying anything. Not using their platform. It's an interesting dilemma that great athletes, really famous athletes, or it could be, you know, musicians actors actresses you name it. It's it's it's a unique situation. Do I do I use my platform for my personal views or do I stay in my lane? I've always I've always wondered why it's not okay for a great athlete to have a political view. Or a a great songwriter, a great musician to have views on anything other than their music, as if they're not entitled to have an opinion. Whatever that opinion is. That's like saying, you know, that stockbroker shouldn't have an opinion on anything other than. Buying and selling stocks that truck driver shouldn't be allowed to comment. Which if you take that they say, well, you know, those people on TV that comment all the time on what's going on. This should not be allowed to comment on anything other than. How to be a broadcaster how to be a TV person? They should be talking about anchorman, and we'll pharaoh not about politics sports or anything else that that's out there. So it's kind of ludicrous that just because you have a platform, you should only be allowed to talk about your particular thing. But people have opinions. You know, if you're listening out there, you have an opinion. The only difference is you don't have a place to express your opinion. And that's not anybody's fault. That's just is what it is. You know, and you may agree with some things that you know, Sheryl Crowe says, you know, women have to work really really hard harder to men to achieve the same level. You could say, well, you know, I find that to not be true or you could say I great. But you can't say she shouldn't have the opinion. She shouldn't have that opinion. I mean, that's to me. That's crazy. Right. And that leads me to another thing. That's funny. I do a lot of speaking things..

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