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I would I would add to that Justin Peters excellent excellent exit of scripture. But let me give you. Encouragement urge me. You know who's the best pastor to listen to yours your pastor a lot of people supplement. Were they here on Sunday with someone here on radio five six days a week and your pastors the one who is pouring. He's the one who spending ending time or should be at least pouring into your life pouring into to having to help you know God's word for he's the one pouring in that you would be growing in your spiritual knowledge in your in your spirit maturity he the one. You should be listening into the most so I would say your pastor is who should be. The most star Spinner Anil radio now first first time someone on facebook so he tries to counter burned over. District's those are fun So this probably the last the question for the evening Maybe not both the James White supports Michael Brown. What does that make him? False teacher or confused. Now I'm just really curious to your answer to that spot a no pressure but I. I can't help. They asked you would you. Would you like to Charlie early Charleston's questions instead. Oil His his nonsense. He's coming up with. He's allowing. I've not I've had very very little all time of bear very little time. One with docker wide James White so it's hard to say I'm not talking about it I don't I don't get it. I'm sorry a blonde SPA. That's a you know I think that's I think. And I think this is like you and I had talked about this in the past. And I think that he's got is a blind align spot that people have when you're friends with someone you you can have a blind spot and overlook Areas is that you disagree or overlook things that you should say to them and you don't And so the the reality is that You know that is something we have to be aware of you guys here watch regularly know Matt Slick and I disagree on lots of things There's things people have asked me. Well I call that out on it publicly. I have no need to 'cause I call things out to him privately. That's that's where it should be handled. I areas where he and I disagree. Don't have to be And I I just wish I wish that James White would be saying. Hey I talked to Michael privately about things. I disagree with You know and we do handle it so Unfortunately I'm not hearing that. There's this one probably neural. Think of Urban Omar. You're going to bring them up so rod right asks. I'd like to know Justin source for Benny Hens conjuring up the ghost of Catherine. Kuma on Kathryn Kuhlman was a faith healer in the Sixty S at fifty sixty seventy S. Pretty well recognized. He was responsible for ending at least one marriage and manifestly unqualified to do what she was doing. A false teacher been in Kathryn. Kuhlman was Benny Hands Model and ministry. They never met. She died shortly before for they were I think he never met her personally but he went up trump getting. I'm just looking for Mr Finney. So we do her. We're He went to her meetings. And if you look at old film of Kathryn Kuhlman in Watch Benny Hinn today. They're basically the same person. Kathryn Kuhlman more white dress. He wears a white suit or used to anyway. Dory's only it's in his book. I believe it's I believe leave that account. That story is in good morning. Holy Spirit okay. I think that it's in my master's thesis seizes our road. It's been a long time. Some pretty sure. Good Morning Holy Spirit. I can tell you the paged and have to look it up. Okay so just a a pastor. Armand just started watching Armand two minutes left and you come into this so all right so I know he's very his he not only him. His family is great. The kids are like hoping I by the way for New Year's Eve. I got a New Year's Eve. Gift his little son actually said more more than two words to me. Three I got three. We're we're working on. I said but next time I walked five. That's that's the goal so let me end it this way If you guys want to join just an I like for like two whole weeks You can do that when we go to. Israel in March of twenty twenty one were both going Dr Semesters going going and doing some speaking as well and you could join us it. Just go to twenty twenty.

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