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Cream foam let them talking about are you and your family saga So good so. We're going to do that and we just want y'all to know how much we appreciate you and you listening and supporting different things that we have going on. And if you support this episode and spread the word the more people will hear it and hopefully no at least what we're trying to do with some of the items that we have but then also we're going to go through these emails and they might learn something else so the first email that i'm going to get into is from ashley in massachusetts and she said hey amy day one listener here. I'll get right to it. I was listening to the bobby bones. Show maybe even the post show and you mentioned that you are forty but not really seemed like you had more to say about it but the guys moved on quickly. I'm thirty one. And i really don't feel thirty one. I would love to hear what you have to say about the age. You actually feel and why. I'm entering my thirties and was very scary but now only a year and a half later. I'm totally embracing it and really living. That age is just a number aging can be so scary especially for women. And i love hearing you embrace how you're feeling i'll also be getting my second hole pierce in my ear soon. Then my third winky face. Take care ashley which vary what did we do when we were in new york the other weekend we me you and ashley all got our ears pierced or third piercing and each year. Yes so fun. The wall street journal. They had an ad that it's an increasing trend and middle aged women. Which is us that. It's a midlife crisis to get more piercings. Now though we just embrace that into the pierce me up. I love it. I can't get enough. And i have a fourth piercing on my left ear that i got when i was thirty nine. And it's just like that top part of the cartlidge and then yeah forty. I added the third hole down on the bottom. We highly recommend it to. Amy and mary approved. Do it except for my daughter. She's fourteen and she has two holes in each year. Which i think is a lot for a young teenager and she wants three and i had once. I got home from new york. I was kind of covering my ears with my hair. Because i didn't want her to see because i knew she'd be like mom. I wanted that but then she busted me. I was taking her to school the other day and my hair was back and she goes. Oh what is that like. Oh nothing just a little something. I got done with mary. It's mary's fall but she understood that she can get it one day. Just not right now. But ashley back to your question. Is i just really feel that. We don't need to be scared of aging there. So many amazing things that have come with age like life experience and wisdom and relationships. And i mean there's a lot of hard stuff that comes in life too but i just feel like i'm in such a better place now than when i was in my twenties which some would say is like the desired age to be like twenty something but i feel like the goodyear's to so i'm just keeping that mental state of like i might be forty but i'm not going to feel forty because when i was younger i thought forty was so old because they did like my parents friends. They described it as over the hill. And i feel like when i turned forty. I didn't have any over the hill jokes now. I remember my parents. Decorating their friends yards with like headstones. Like his life was over and lordy lordy look. Who's forty which. I did have a sign like that because it rhymes but we've i think we've hit a different time than when our parents were turning forty and we no longer see it as like this crazy thing. I want you to own your thirties. I want you to own your forties. I know we have listeners. That are fifty and sixty and even seventy hello to my mother-in-law she listens. I think i've even gotten emails from some older listeners. To and it's a mental state. And so i have adopted that thinking of like i don't care when i'm fifty. I'm gonna still be saying i'm fifty but i don't feel fifty because i've just i've read different articles about it. I even look something up just from web. Md that i pulled. So i can tell you because again. I'm not an expert. This is just my own way of thinking but the title of the article was can feeling young at heart or at least younger than your actual age help. Older people live healthier longer lives and what researchers found was that yes people that had that mentality. They had that way of thinking they were less stressed. They had more like health protective behaviors and they had confidence in their ability to accomplish things even at their age. So i i don't want to slow down just because i'm getting older if anything. I hope that the best is yet to come. And that particular study that i read from web. Md the participants on average or like sixty four years old. You know i hope. Yeah when i'm sixty four. I still have this mentality now. Mary you just turned forty literally the other day. So and you just rolled. So how do you feel. Feel like i'm i. I think i'm just like denial. It's fine. I just choose not to think about it so it's fine but i'm not scared of aging at all. It's not like that. It's more like assessing what you're doing with your life at the age that you're at they're doing but i just choose not to think about it. It's fine you know. Some people are doing mary's. They're building their golden girls house. Oh i love the Like later in life but you build it now like you reach out to people sort of like. Was it on friends or they had this thing. Like if we're forty and we're not married we're gonna to. I saw that episode. It was very pressing k. Continue gaffe so it's like now. If for some reason you get with your friends and say in the future or forever in a place where we're all living alone like you're single for whatever reason you're living alone then you all move in together and it's your golden girls house fun so you can like start building your your rose your blanchard dorothy and your sophia and then use like contract and you have to stick with a.

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