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Howard air It's twelve oh two and ninety eight degrees in Phoenix hurricane lane is quickly. Approaching Hawaii already dumping torrential rain on the islands federal agencies. Are already in response mode category four hurricane lane is bearing down on Hawaii, soaking islands with a foot of rain already winds up to. One hundred and thirty miles per, hour going to be a lot of rain lot of strong wind Unexpecting Damage from President Trump. Signed an emergency declaration opening the door for agencies like FEMA to provide lifesaving. Resources the agency already sending, generators food and water into opening evacuation, centers Emily, row ABC. News, well, well Hawaii is getting drenched with. Rain the is expected to start drying out this, weekend and that's expected to continue all of next week with warmer. Temperatures Arizona State University climate. Expert Randy survey, says we're still in the heart of the monsoon and it could get very active in the next few. Weeks and particularly as we go into, September what we're going to start to probably notice is moisture from old dying storms off of Mexico that gets pushed up our. Ways so far sky harbor has only received an inch and a half of rain since the start of the monsoon June, fifteenth some areas of the valley who had three to five. Inches another Sears store in Arizona is closing its. Doors this. Store the one in flagstaff ball is one of thirty three Sears in thirteen K. marts. Nationwide that Sears holdings has decided to close into liquidation sales at the stores. Will start on August thirtieth, as of may there were eight hundred, Sears stores, that's down. From, the, four thousand that were open across. The country in two thousand twelve an eighty two, year old Phoenix man is facing charges of resisting arrest and aggravated. Assault KTAR Kathy Klein explains. Why live from, the newsroom Bob Phoenix police say William Campbell berry attacked officers during a domestic violence call last week but. That's not all when our officers arrived, police said Mary told him to go away then lunged at them with a knife tape to a poll homemade spiritual the cop. Said to taste berry twice the first time he yanked out the taser prongs and grabbed his spear in fact they say, took several officers to subdue bury a homemade spears blade just. Six inches long live from the new Senator Kathy. Klein KTAR. News on it wasn't part of the chorus for one wrong way dry for this morning early this morning d._p._s. troopers police pulled over a wrong way driver in a golf cart the three year old driver was near the zona avenue exit on the santan loop two or two freeway when troopers caught up with him he was found in good health and released into the custody of his wife d._p._s. says this is the second time since july that they've had a run in with this gentleman and his golf cart the last time he was getting onto the i ten taylor kinship k._t._a._r. news maricopa county sheriff paul penzone is taking a stance against arming teachers this comes after secretary of education betsy devos so she's looking to use federal funds to arm teachers penzone tells zone is morning news there's so many so many dynamics come with arming anybody in a situation like you're responsible care of children so it's not like i'm anti second amendment i just think that we have other solutions he says safety of schools should fall on on law enforcement not educators a former gymnastics coach at michigan state university is charged with lying to police during the investigation of former sports Dr Larry Nassar the Michigan attorney general's office announcing charges filed against Kathy Clegg they say witnesses told. Clay guess about allegations of abuse, by Dr Larry Nassar for decades but when she talked with Michigan state police. She denied, she was aware of allegations prior to two thousand sixteen the offices Clegg's dissuaded one of Nassar's victims from taking. The issue any further if convicted she could face up to four, years in, prison Ryan burrow. ABC news a federal appeals court says it won't. Allow Arkansas to enforce a law, that critics. Say would make it the first state in the. Country to ban abortion pills the law. Says doctors who. Provide the pills must hold a contract with the hospital physician who agrees to handle complications. Planned Parenthood says it can't find a hospital. Doctor in Arkansas willing to contract with them. A Georgia, woman who pled guilty to leaking secret government report, to a media organization has learned her punishment her name is reality winner she's a former national security agency contractor who had Access to deep, government secrets one of which she admits to copy at mailing to an unidentified news organization it's thought. To have been a classified report on Russian hacking in the, two thousand sixteen election the, twenty six year old has been sentenced to five years prosecutors say it's the longest prison term ever given. For a federal crime involving. A leak to the media Jim Ryan ABC news Twelve, oh seven with traffic. Every, six minutes here's, Larry Lewis live from the valley Chevy, dealers traffic center well Bob we've got crash activity third avenue at Beardsley than. An accident involving a pedestrian over at fifty nine th avenue in Camelback keep an eye out. For that you're also gonna find a crash baseline west central..

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