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And the president is just the leader of one of the Coequal branches. Right. So there you go as you were mentioning Jack she cited security concerns related to the government shutdown required. Let me parse if I might that is suggesting that the secret service, which is essential personnel, though. They're not being paid at this point lack the professionalism to do their jobs completely because they're not being paid. I think that's insulting to the secret service. I also think this whole shutdown is Tom is can be, but to suggest that well, we can't have the usual security at the state of the union because well, the secret service guys are so bitter and resentful and probably drunk on the job security. She's she's merely using this as see how damaging shutdown is argument. Yeah. Okay. Well, then I'm definitely not on board. Pelosi is saying that the speech should out you'd be rescheduled or it should be submitted in writing to the various members of congress. Boy, that's going back to George Washington's day, isn't it? Well, who was the first to to do it live? We hear this every single year, and I promptly forget it. It was twentieth century. Yeah. Harding or somebody Harding or something. Somebody might have been. Now that I think of it Harding. Not get yet. It looks like Sears is staying in business. Yes. Whatever fares. Nobody wants you. We into you have something in it was beautiful. This is great. I can still drive by them. Lyndon B Johnson in one thousand nine hundred sixty five the first televised evening state of the union address. Okay. There's that. And then there's delivered live in front of congress. Bothered to tell somebody around.

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