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Really about this leading, you take what you're learning and become. Become what you're learning play with it in your life, and then my inbox is your inbox Casey. You can use me any any point any moment any time? You can send through to me if you WANNA share or an ex or express yourself in any way. My inbox is a safe container for you, which is really really beautiful and I can very quickly help you unpack salting that he's plaguing troubling year or even more importantly celebrate with you. You know some things are starting to Click Ryan says the fun pop. Now there are few pillars to heal her that really. Bring Hill her so beautifully to get on it. So beautifully to get. Now one of the main ones is emotional intimacy K. so This really is about unpacking what immersions really aw, how to relate to them to work with how to express them in healthy ways looks like when we actually turn immersions into toxic behaviors and express them unhealthily. Ryan. So emotional intimacy is all about creating a very intimate relationship with our feelings. And as I'm sure you can predate that can be quite challenging if you're not quite fluid in this in this, I'm going to say this language of emotional intimacy me too me too. Let's learn together. The second thing is reclaiming wholeness a case this is really tapping into power. So tapping into all of who we are including and more specifically the parts that we deny reject or disarm came. So this is a shadow in this work. Specifically is a very big body of work saying a shadow identifying shuttered, claiming shatter integrating, shattered, becoming whole. And this is a very, very powerful process, a very lengthy process and you'll see I'm explaining these. You see how nine months of working together is actually not very long time to really do this right but it's enough time to get it to understand it. To at least Ostra questions and really begin to embody and reclaim so much. another pillar in the main pillar, which is usually the starting pillars, simple expansion of of conscious awareness or really unpacking the beliefs that we hold. An. Ultimately, seeing eliminations for what they are really challenging thinking on. This is a really powerful, very, very powerful way. To begin to level up we often find a lot of death and rebirth here in this particular phase. raising your vibration is the hot. So this is really about becoming a vibration will match for that which you seek to have that which you seek to hold that which you seem to create for yourself that which to become. So this is this is not just about Your consciousness. This isn't just about your mindset. This is actually a bat everything money creating a new business, a thriving business. calling in relationships. This is about literally creating anything at all that you desire if you not familiar with this type of work. Don't worry about how we do that because it will the how be revealed to you as we get going so. Essentially a few up hops notre per neural you're looking to start a new business or the something just sitting on in the depth roussel you nor needs to be shared and created and sent out to the world. It's a gift you just so desperately want to share and give. We can bring that up now and we can look at all of that. And then if there are other areas of your last, specifically, the the one that's really prevalent in this particular part of the trainings is money. You're really developing developing in your relationship with money looking at our money stories looking at how to become a vibrational match money. and then there's another element to to this as well around releasing different types of shame specifically around out body as specifically around a sexual shame, right. So this is something else that we go into as well. Now, a by product of these frameworks, these bodies work that I bring to you. There's a few things that I want you to really understand. The by product of these frameworks is often a rewiring of your nervous system K. to stay. Care talk about this a lot staying without discomfort eventually going to teach you what that is how to do that. This is really big work around relating to our emotions and staying with discomfit staying with uncertainty staying with what arises that feels unusual uncertain like self-doubt anxiety and depression in worry. This is all about learning to stay not just with the discomfort of yourself, but it is confident of others. Right because often we are triggered by the environment around us like, Hey, you're driving through traffic your partners on like behind the wheel and he's carrying on his losing his shit right and you your triggered, your emotions arise within U K. so this is about really rewiring nervous system to stay with your discomfort and discomfort that arises as a result of someone else's. So, really cultivating safety within Ryan Safety within is how we begin to. Really or essentially become who we truly. Care Authentic self case. Are Learn to set boundaries will honor those boundaries will learn when to say, yes, and went to say no cases is really about becoming more sure vessels more intuitive even more trusting of laugh trusting in divine timing of everything. Case. So we tend to become Mazdas of time and Space Time works for you rather than you working for it. bringing your dreams into reality which SORTA spoken about more importantly in probably the biggest one is before we get to really. Really harnessing an embodying more in a pace, not just within but without as well with like in the external walls. Offer moves said, we'll often go through these stages of fee of struggle of challenge came. This is how we know we're on the right track. K., and this is what most people fear before they commit to a program like this. This is what.

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