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Hopped, friendly news and common sense Talk news RADIO 6 10 W. T V. M. Yeah, Of course. The big story today is that Trump's second impeachment trial has finally begun. That's right to impeachments our historic but just like Tom Brady Trump won't rest until he gets to 70. That's wrong. 7 28. It's branded boxer of rates have you with us this morning? I news ready or 69 W. T. V. And by the way, our executive producer of my campaign who was Who is our winner for the Triple A membership. Do you have it? That's put you on the spot. Sorry. I know it's serious. Stevenson of Circleville was Sarah from Circleville. Beautiful Circleville. We're going to get that pumpkin show back, Sarah. I feel good about that. All right. So we're gonna have another one around 8 45 this morning. That'll be your next one to win that triple A membership with NewsRadio, 6 10 W T V and seconds away from having the chance to win a grand with our 16 W T V and stimulus check. And then looking ahead after the bottom of the hour news. It's a Wednesday, so that means it's Tech Day with our tech resident guru John Quyen, and there's a You know, we talked about it yesterday a little bit with the water treatment plant. In Florida Just before the Super Bowl. Someone was able to hack in and change some of the water supply ingredients. If you will, they're basically they tried to poison the water supply by adding an extra amount of sodium hydroxide a dangerous amount by the way. So we actually reached out to the city of Columbus and their water treatment plant. And while they did declined to go on, they did release a exclusive statement to us here at 16. W. T. V. And I will get that to you. Along with John Queen shortly after the news here at 6 35. Times win some money, though, your chance to win $1000 text the nationwide keyword bills to 202 100, you'll get a confirmation text and invoke standard data and message rates apply in this nationwide contest. That's bills. Said. 202 100 traffic and weather together from temp start heating and cooling products. Johnny I saw last night this seafood truck crash £70,000 of seafood at 70 West and around 2 56. I wonder if it's smelling like seafood this morning in that area. Well, we don't see anybody holding their noses up in the car. But we're so they can deny after that they're not avoiding anything on the ground, either, Which is also a good sign. I guess that's the cleaned up. Yeah, nothing. Nothing in the snow, Thankfully. All that might have kept it kept it well preserved. This trump would've been okay. Yeah, Yeah. Still just probably eat them. Hey, let's get Mikey to do that. He'll eat anything on accident.

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