Warsaw, Poland, Google discussed on Monday Morning Podcast


The fuck that is something about warsaw for some information the food beer and vodka are great you had me a beer and vodka you'll see the scars of world war two and soviet occupation all over the place for example on the city streets and highways driving can be a serious hazard a driving with bill special edition episode it'd be really funny i could possibly do that for some reason they wrote w ro like roar claw is a great university these warsaw wrong roar claw is a great university city with an awesome history which we know interest you it used to be called breslow and it was one of the nazi strongholds at the end of world war two you can google fed sung breslow or siege bressler for some of the insane back story i will definitely be doing that in fact nazis evacuated the city as the allies were approaching the evacuated the citizens to dress in germany where they were mostly all killed in allied firebombing dresden yeah oh yeah yeah whoever lost world war two was going to be tried for war crimes there was all kinds of evil done in that also this is one of the cities with solidarity movement started in one thousand nine hundred eighty which contributed to the collapse of communism i remember that guy the guy with the big mustache he got you guys all mobilized over there forget the guy's name plus there are like four hundred dwarf statues hidden all around the city weird but cool anyway we hope you'll consider adding poland to eastern european tour we wish you the best thanks for the great content you in the network are putting out we love it ps your name and polish would be either hick or v louche fuck i can i can just buy those names loan i can hear the fuck and wait that i'm gonna fuck and be putting on when i go over there i can't wait to do it i've never been there you know i'm gonna talk to my to my agent again on monday about this shit i mean i might as well do as many as i can win the fuck him i ever going to be back all right and so here's the deal i'm going to go over there and all i need is you can't spend a show up all right because i know the over there fucked and brought worsted fuck in poland in front of three goddamn people going we were the ones that sent the emails nobody else gave cook all right legalzoom everybody.

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