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312981 72 100 call Now Pete will be connecting you with folks from the office over there and they'll look it up. See if you're owed any money. We are looking through a lot of the text messages. You sent over a lot of the addresses, So thank you for that, and we hope that there's good news on the other side. When we speak with Maria Pappas again after the bottom of the hour news 312981 72 100 call Now if you'd like to be on the air, you don't have to give any out anything other than your address, Okay? Look forward to that. I think it's gonna be pretty fun to see a lot of people getting a lot of money. But let's right now, let's talk with Meghan Wladek, because this is mental health awareness month and you know you normally there are so many concerns this year. My God, so many more concerns unusual and one of the things that Megan glad it does. As she is Miss International 2020. She is in Antioch native local person who has focused on teen mental health and Megan. Thank you for being on the show. Appreciate it. Thank you so much for having me It's a pleasure to be here. It's important topic, no doubt. And I know you. You made this really focus. Why? Why just sign. To do that. Have a personal connection. It started out as a heart health issue that ultimately transpired into a mental health issue that was put off for years as The guys at the heart health issue, And once I realized that the symptoms I was experiencing were directly related to anxiety. I ended up with the diagnosis in 2018 and made it my Personal and pageant platform mission through mind her body to end the stigma and get the conversation going, because if I'm feeling this way, other people are probably feeling this way as well. Well, especially after the year we've had. I think it's even popped up in so many more kids. You see anxiety PTSD and you see all kinds of issues. I think it's It's almost unusual to see a kid who's come through this year. Who doesn't have something that they want to talk about. It's been a very difficult year to process and affected people in so many different ways. You find that there is other enough resource is And what would you say? If you you know when you meet somebody who says, you know? How do you help me? What do you do? Recognizing the signs and then getting help? What? How do you sort of guide people through that? Yes, absolutely. I mean Children have gone through. I can't even imagine what they've gone through being put at home and doing online learning. There's a lot of fears of getting sick or having loved one gets sick. There's also the fear and anxiety of current events that are going on in the country. But when Children come to me, or I hear Children are struggling if they're looking for help, the best place to start is with a school or a social worker. Psychologist, counselor. Any sort of research. You have a cool but also someone that they trust. It is always the most important If you find a trusting adult, they will be able to put you in the right direction to get you the help you need. Yeah, it's so important, and I appreciate what you're doing here. It's um I didn't know they had the pageants last year. How did you become Mrs International 2020? Did they do pageants and I wasn't aware of it. Yes, we were. All precautions were taken very seriously. Social distance our production company. It was great. Everyone wore masks and We got through the entire week without a hitch, and I think international pageants really set the precedent for other social gatherings to happen and be in process. Yeah, I'll hear I hear you. Well, it Z good that you did go through that. Because look at the work you're doing now. As a representative for that, your 61. You played volleyball. I know. You know You went back to school little bit during the pandemic. What's next? What's next for you? Megan? What's what's the next step? I did go back to school for a little bit, So I got my.

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