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This is a mytalk dirt alert update a quick look at what's happening in entertainment on mytalk tell me something good this dirt alert update is brought to you by crystal farms well yesterday easter sunday and black china was filmed getting involved altercation with an unidentified woman at a six flags magic mountain arrived in valencia california the reality star was there with a group of people including her son king cairo and daughter dream kardashian there's a video out that shows a fight with china taking off her pink jacket and then attempting to use her children's hot pink toy car swinging that someone oh no the mother of two is being shown being held back at different times by several people redneck easy white trash right there i say so myself well it's like white trash doesn't matter what color you are now all right new information has come to light about meghan markle's first marriage and how she ended it according to royal biographer andrew morton's new book titled meghan hollywood princess megan left her husband trevor ingolfsson completely out of the blue as in he had no idea it was coming the start allegedly broke the news in thousand thirteen after two years of marriage trevor apparently went to from cherish cherishing megan to as one friend observes feeling like he was a piece of something stuck on the bottom of her shoe wow this andrew morton's been writing about the royals for a really really long time he wrote princess diana's biography and i think that was with her blessing i i was thinking about the royals this morning just wondering if meghan markle has watched the crown i bet she has been shit like us today talk it out what's going on surreal show for her to watch wouldn't it about to enter that probably reading so many history books and a meal we're just watching brown what did you say ideally moving on waldo from where's it's coming to your smartphone you can out search for the this isn't an app.

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