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Vision for the food game for the early access. You know what. I mean like your hidden no one. Can you know like you're secretly given access to this game. Like what would your. What would your expectations be for the single player story length at a normal speed tomorrow around twenty thirty hours maybe mine to sit around forty. You would want a little longer got. I think i would like something. Sorry i jumped in the of politics. I would like something like i fall fallen order. That was fairly short. Yeah like maybe twenty. If you played it you know quite quite a bit exp laurie but it felt like there was a lot there whereas if they kinda stretch did you might have felt quite. I feel for a twenty-five our game. That was tight. Awesome showed a good arc. And then you do vanja like a more a wind expansion like just get get it out being excellent tight. Everything works really well. You've spent your money in a good way but you're setup for the for the dlc not but an expansion. I want to see an expansion. Not like horse arm. yeah but like shivering. India says like outer worlds. And i would say yeah close. Because i'm gonna tell you right now. I have not yet played a game. This is just me. Correct me if i'm wrong. I've not played a game. That is anywhere over forty hours. That has had a story that doesn't feel at some way really bumpy. Slow invitation just can't maintain that it's yeah that's hard. Can you imagine being the writer to that and like dude. you know. maybe you're used to i. It's gotta be fifty hours long of consistent awesomeness in your book. You're done with the first five hours in your like dude. A mile soaked in coconut oil sound taught charac. Do you build your own. Pc gaming order. It i do both just kid from the eighty says maybe persona five royale. What blue sunrise says. Rdr's manage to do that for me keep you enticed that many. No man not for me. I like growth redemption. Not even click. Had lots of pacing issues for me piecing issues and i liked that game tremendous amount. That thing could have been down to like twenty five. Thirty five. thirty would have been nice. Nice salted thirty hours. You want me to spoil it for you guys. Red dead redemption to. You guys. Want me to tell you. Luke is is vader's son. 'cause i spoiled. What's that game. You like so much over the military game where you're the bad guy Checkups ally dude. I was in the podcast. And i'm like well specs up spec up line when you're the bad guy now that that game is older than most of our watchers. It's not but it's also right bitch. I'm i'm pretending the voice. But they did say you know sorta spoil bubba jews s. I'm going to spoil the bible by telling you it ends like what the fuck like. How long do we go at some point. We have to be able to actually talk about video games. Yeah it's a conversation right. What do you think about cyberpunk pacing. Not good mad max. Nail the pacing. Mad max pretty open so the patient could be bad. max. I think he He loved mad. Max but i was really up to. You wasn't a right. Like i could see one of you guys. Come into me and be like dude mad. Max was like a slog nba. And all. i get. I get because of what you did versus what i did i get it..

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