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As we celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the passage of title nine, we welcome one of the legends of American soccer, a hall of Famer, one of the key cogs on the ninety nine World Cup championship team that would do so much to advance women's sports in the US and beyond our old friend colleague Julie Foudy Julie Thank. You for being with us, Jeremy Julius it's kind of impossible to talk about the evolution of Women's sports. Sports in the impact of title, nine forty eight years later without talking about nineteen ninety nine, and I know you talk about it all the time and I know you're asked to talk about it all the time but you can't really overstate the significance of what happened that summer. When you think back to it now. How do you place it in the context of all that we've seen in terms of progress women's sports. You know I I take a long heavy side there because when we were in the moment and ninety nine. We felt, and we were very cognizant of the fact that this is going to be the standard that all other women sporting events this fire to and not just women's soccer. That's right like we're very conscious of. We're in the moment. We're setting the standard. We're doing it in big stadium for doing it national. We're not going. Which is what? Fee for wanted us to do go on the east, coast only do regional tournament play and five to ten thousand seat stadiums. We blew up that plan. We said that stupid. We're GONNA. Show the world. What Women's sports should look like what the standards should be so that people understand the potential that they can tap into right, and so it was really got the in that regard actually us soccer I found out later assumed risk because feet, said no. We're not gonNA. Take on that risk to go to big stadiums and do a national footprint so us. Soccer said okay well. Let's do all that risk we're. GonNa do it. And And so in the moment we felt like. Oh, my gosh, this is going to have a lot. Revolutionize the way people. Invest in Women's sports the way they put on events in women's sports because we had a whole local organizing committee that..

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