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Then I will have to say an early condolences to suck his family and loved ones because asuka's going to Black say what I'm Selena Vega had Wrestled a thousand matches on Thursday. Would that change your pic at all? No. We we all have Oscar because obviously there are a few of these that I'm just going to quickly run through Lashley vs Cruz we have Lashley because obviously Bailey Nikki we had Bailey cuz obviously Roman Reigns versus who's so we have Roman cuz obviously, yep McIntyre Orton. I know we've always do we want to go there already or no? No, no, let's let's go back to the tag matches. We've got straight profits versus Garza Andrade. In a match that I think I I think they've been doing this since birth Mania I genuinely do I honestly so I'm I'm of two minds one is like they're going to have Garza and under are they finally split up. My other thing is this is there a third time like half the fucking win eventually. They're like Owen six. Yeah. I just like the street profits. Actually, boys, this has been going since WrestleMania because it was God's in Austin Theory at the time but close to fucking enough to kill Telex. It's WrestleMania. Wait. I thought that they thought the street prophets were in a different view data WrestleMania know they were in that few thousand and then they were not holding. I just want to see the street profits. They were not on money in the bank. Just good for them, I guess bad and they had that one against the Vikings game. That's right. They did have the very very good match with the Viking experience the Viking profits man. And then we would go on to Extreme Rules where they were once again not on the show. Boy has the time has not been good to them has it. No anyways back, he's still with Andrade like managing him or is that still not? So not really actually now that I think about it, I'll have them off the profits do cuz yeah, the most Buck Wild Thing on Raw was it was a triple threat to determine the number one contenders featuring Carside Andrade a team that broke up last week Seth and Murphy a team that broke up last week and then just at the very fucking last minute thrown together inventor, Carrillo and Dominic Mysterio. What is their roster right now? Is there any other tag team cuz I know yeah. Okay great. Good word. WWE. Now this one I'm going to be fucked on this one Hardy versus Styles versus Sami Zayn for the Intercontinental title, and I know who I want to win. I know who want to win. But since I'm failing miserably at this year's prediction series I get to pick first. Now here's here's where I come into this I learn about who I wanted to win most and it's Sami Zayn. Oh, yeah. I don't know the exam Hussein's going to win as a matter of fact. I think Sami Zayn is at this point more likely to go back to NXT because when we brought that up earlier the episode I thought hm. I'm going to fax a book that and to reality now and I thought okay, so who would I want to win Hardy styles? And then I just realize yeah, I'm just going to give it to AJ cuz they need somebody to do something with the IC title. All right Dillon you get second picked off. I.

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