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So rosa gada who was the vp of pr at espn recommended me rosen arbor from roses villanova grad and we were friends from philly so i went down there to speak to the husband and wife rick andy ray and can hanes and i said why would do this i don't wanna be a pr man but i will do this for you to open it up and they told me that they were going to get into entertainment too so i said okay then it'd be great but i want you to teach me syndication business how you clear stationed how you you know the advertising piece how you make a deal with the conferences so they said sure so kinda they offered me the job i went back and it was in charlotte i went back to chicago toland and she said sure this is what you gotta do called bear stearns and said i'm sorry guys i you know on the sports guy so that was my one time to get out and there's the bridge to what i did next i went down to charlotte very different first of all wasn't gago the weather was real nice one day i got a call and and then say well don't come into that say why what's a matter so it it's new two inches they lose everything though is really wild lived through hurricane hugo which was a hurricane came into two hundred miles inland knock down a bunch of trees or power out for two weeks that was great and i opened up their pr and promotion arm and they never got into entertainment we had promotion set for different for series of four shows you know anything they ever did which was fascinating was they syndicated a show done by graceland was called elvis's bracelet where his wife took you on a tour it was already package it was already done they did it twice a year on his burr.

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